Carla Grima’s Wonderful Fashion Event for Summer 2018

On Thursday 5th July, my passion for fashion blogging, socialising and utmost appreciation for local talent led me to one amazing event held in Valletta, Malta. I was one of the privileged ladies to be invited to a fashion show by Carla Grima Atelier called “TAHLIA” which was showcased in the beautiful gardens of the Phoenicia Hotel.

This vibrant summer 2018 collection is inspired by the leafage found in summer hot spots around the globe. Carla’s creativity and tactile liveliness takes us, as always on a journey from the Southern European islands to the tropical Caribbean. Prints are influenced by the designer’s Mediterranean surroundings and a recent adventure to the island of Dominica.



Photos by Justin Ciappara

From emerald green hues, to opal blues to the rich orange hues of Maltese citrus fruits and serene tones of green banana leaves, this can be described as the story of summer obsession. A palette of nature’s purest colours, transformed into watercolour paintings. Her designs are subtle, clean lines for the woman who is understated, elegant and playful with colours and fabrics.

What I love in this year’s collection, apart from the vibrant colours is the adventurous styling playfulness in the mismatch of prints. What I mean is that in Carla’s collection you can mix the stripes print with the floral print and it will totally match effortlessly. This does not happen with other brand designs! It has to do with the clever study of how the fabrics marry each other effectively. Tahlia truly evokes individuality and a kind of urgency to either travel and explore new worlds or to find more creativity in your current self if you will , to encourage you to break out from the norm of boring and safe colours of life. I feel that Carla’s designs take you on this journey to set yourself free and to not fear to totally new grounds into the unknown.



The styling was impeccable and the hair and make up was simply breathtaking in its simple efficacity. It was not about being bold but more being subtle and oh so ready for the beachside and that dinner on the super yacht kind of styling. Well done to Amanda Greaves for the make up and to Neille Zammit Roman for the hair. Same congratulations goes to the flawless models, some of them being mothers, who looked amazing in their toned, sunkissed bodies. Bravo!

The event set up was gorgeous, timed for a sunset presentation, alongside an infinity pool in a newly refurbished garden in the Phoenicia Hotel. I loved the pretty floral and citrus decorations on the runway floor, set up with white cushioned seating flowing among the olive trees. This, together with a number of fashion and accessory stalls close to the bar, immediately set my mood and the overall tone for a relaxing evening for everyone. The guest list included many women who are now fans of Carla s work, clients, people from the media and persons supporting the models. I would like to congratulate the talented organisers Davinia Pace and Francesca Pace who teamed up to organise this fashion event with love and timeless elegance.






From the photos, you can see that I am not inventing anything but simply relating what went on and I can only invite you to look more into this brand by visiting Carla’s website or her facebook page and contact her with your personal enquiries.

Thank you for having me. Always look forward to your work Carla!

Much love and respect

Dress: Mangano Malta
Bag: Mangano Malta
Earrings: Yana’s Jewellery
Shoes: Guess Malta

Photos by Justin Ciappara


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