The New Victorians Present “MARA” – A show Celebrating Women Through Time

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This week, I set out early morning to interview The Maltese duo band The New Victorians because this coming weekend between Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th June, they will be performing at the Valletta Campus Theatre with the production “ MARA” (means Woman in Maltese) and this week was production week and final rehearsals|! I was privileged to be able to get some of their precious time on set, to hear about this unique show! As a woman who totally supports female empowerment causes and longs to see women join forces more in the world, I was drawn to this project like a magnet!


These two lovely ladies are Bettina and Philippa from The New Victorians duo band


We are all wearing full outfits by Carla Grima Atelier’s Summer 2018 Collection



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Photos by Mark Soler Photography

You must have heard their latest song “Lie Liar” currently in the Top 10 charts of all radio stations. I love it and I think that their work has got a lot of immense potential.

The new Victorians composed of a duo band Bettina and Jessica Cassar together with a troupe of dancers will be presenting a unique show in Malta before they set off to the National Theatre of Scotland’s Exchange Festival. Here is a teaser video from the production MARA.

MARA OFFICIAL TRAILER from The New Victorians on Vimeo.

MARA is an original, multidisciplinary piece of theatre that celebrates the story of women through time by means of sound manipulation and electro-acoustic music, performed live by The New Victorians. The girls have being doing months of research about women across the globe, throughout different times to be able to present a very soulful presentation. “Women in war”


Supported by FINO Malta

What is interestingly unique in this show is that during the presentation all the performers will be using chairs and tables by FINO’s latest collection as props. They will not be stationary but they will be constantly moved around by the dancers creating different structures and shapes with every piece of music. This was made possible thanks to FINO Malta, a local company that is supporting local talent this way, thinking out of the box, setting no limits to creativity or innovation.

Starring an all-new female cast including: Tina Rizzo, Michela Farrugia, Stephanie Bonnici, Sandie von Brockdorff, Becky Brincat, Julienne Restall, Kay Lee Micallef and Ilenia Gatt. Composed and Directed by The New Victorians.

New women. New stories. New Music. From inventors and scientists, to artists and activists. From musicians and politicians, to writers, to fighters. Visual stories about struggling mothers caring for their children and fighting for their rights to equality in society. MARA is an audiovisual journey through time, highlighting the fact that every story is worth telling, and that no voice should be silenced. Women have been silenced for too long and the time for this change is now. Can you feel it?




We organised this photoshoot on the set of the actual Campus Theatre and its surrounding corridors a few days ago to once again join forces to highlight this moment in time, to spread the colours of love and Mediterranean ambition and passion. We were wearing outfits by local designer Carla Grima with jewellery by Yana’s Jewellery and Sam Selby. Thank you to the designers for their collaboration too.

This project MARA is supported by: Valletta 2018 – European Capital of Culture, School of Performing Arts – University of Malta, Fino, Malta Tourism Authority, Fontanella Tea Garden, The Mackintosh Foundation and St. Michael’s Foundation.




Outfit: Carla Grima   / Earrings: Yana’s JewelleryDSC_3292

Dear Bettina and Philippa, it was a pleasure to meet you both! You are so talented! Wish you lots of luck not only this weekend but going forward in your lives and music careers. May you always find the energy to spread strong messages through your music and keep dreaming!



Details of Show: MARA

Date 22nd-24th June 2018
Time 8-9.15pm
Location Valletta Campus Theatre

Photos by Mark Soler Photography





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