Pizza Time at Da Marina Pizzeria

With World Cup fever on, as I listen to the song on the radio Show Your Colours by Jason Derulo featuring Ira Losco, I can’t help but think “Look how far we’ve come” when it comes to musical talent in Malta. For Ira to team up with such an international talent to create Coca-Cola’s official World Cup anthem is pretty huge! So proud to see this – to see how the world is becoming more united through the opportunities that are being created in so many different industries and there is no limit to what can be achieved. And yet, we all are human and we all need to relax a little, enjoy a sunset, sip a glass of wine after a rewarding week and of course enjoy a simple dinner like pizza!




Last weekend, after a busy week, both my husband and I were yearning for some family time. My daughter Luna loves going out with me and her daddy to eat pizza every so often. She is at that age where she feels so happy to go out with her parents, and be able to eat all by herself, so we took the opportunity to check out the recently face-lifted Da Marina Pizzeria at the Corinthia Marina Hotel to quench her cravings and to create a good occasion for Family Time, which is so important to help us maintain a healthy work-life balance.

So we made a special effort to look all pretty with our new blue and white striped, matching mum and daughter skirts designed by Linda Gillich at Linbada and headed out to St George’s Bay in St Julians all excited to try out their new menu! We stopped at the public garden close by to show baby Luna the fish pond and to snap some family photos with photographer Gordon Formosa and we walked down the hill to the restaurant overlooking stunning views of the bay, to be greeted by very pleasant staff as you would expect from a well-renowned Corinthia Group branded hotel.






We sat at a table outside on the terrace because we wanted to have a sea view seating as opposed to the indoor seating (which is also lovely with its new Greek/Mediterranean décor with blue and white soft furnishings and soft lighting). This way Luna could also enjoy some walking around and she made sure she would approach all the persons at the adjacent tables to say hi and introduce herself! Yes, all parents who have young children know that at 3 years, children don’t sit still for longer than 10 minutes unless they are entertained with something. Luckily this place is extremely family-friendly and other guests were very relaxed to enjoy the interaction with our family too. You have that “I’m on holiday” feeling when you sit on this terrace and see an international clientele, sitting there chilled, freshly tanned from the day by the pool.

The pizza here is very very good. The texture is how we like it – thin crispy base that is not too thin nor too thick, made with the freshest ingredients by expert pizzaioli, made with special wheat flour sourced from the renowned mill in Naples Italy. I ordered the “Maltese” pizza on the menu which included slices of Maltese sausage, sun dried tomatoes and olives. Marco went for the spicy “Piccante” including spicy salami, oregano and fresh chilli while Luna had the one on the kids menu which included mozzarella, eggs and sausages. We loved these pizzas and highly recommend them. Prices start from €8.50 so it’s affordable too. Combined with the glass of rose wine for us and the lemonade, the pizzas went down a treat and the experience with attentive staff with smiles on their faces was awesome.









We highly recommend this place, it’s a thumbs up from us! So pizza lovers out there, if you are on the island of Malta this season, and you fancy a chilled dinner with stunning views of the bay out on a lovely terrace, allow to treat yourself to put this place on your must-do visits. Three hours of free parking are also included if you visit by car and park in the hotel’s underground car park.

Da Marina Restaurant, Marina Hotel by Corinthia Group, St George’s Bay.
Tel no 2370 2000

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Photos by Gordon Formosa at Go Raw Photography





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