Malta Fashion Week 2018: OVERVIEW of ALL SHOWS and OUTFITS

In case you missed my posts on social media or you simply had not enough time last week to scroll through all the blog posts, here is an update of all the shows I watched and of all the outfits I wore in one blog. I always do this exercise for myself, just to see what I’ ve done and to have it at the ready to send over to my contacts, sponsors and PR agencies at other international Fashion Week PR offices. That’s what we do best 😉

And here they are!


Fab Launch Party at Medasia Playa for Malta Fashion Week 2018

Last night the official launch party of the 20th edition of the Malta Fashion Week and Awards 2018 totally totally set the tone for the week ahead. Great vibes and trendsetters residing in the islands of Malta and Gozo were gathered to celebrate the kickstart to a jam-packed week of fashion events.



That Little Black Dress For Day 1 at #MFWA2018

Fashion Week is here and once again I want to say how happy and honoured I am to be here again to be a part of this event on our Maltese islands. Fashion meets creativity. Fashion evokes relationships. Fashion brings people together – and makes us spend money too haha.



Exclusive Fashion Show by DIZZ on Day 1 of #MFWA2018

Day 1 began with Malta’s leading fashion retailer DIZZ fashion show at the Malta Fashion Week held at the magnificent Fort St Elmo in Valletta. DIZZ showcased all its best brands in a fascinating show in conjunction with the team of the Malta Fashion Week and the Malta Tourism Authority.



Shows on Day no 2 of Malta Fashion Week #MFWA2018 :: One Colourful Sunday

Yana’s Jewellery Edith, Isle & Aqua, Agatha Ruiz De la Prada, Parascandalo

Sunday evening brought me to Fort St Elmo to attend 5 shows by various local and international designers. The atmosphere was amazing, with fashion conscious persons attending from all over the islands.



Fairy Tale Gown for Malta Fashion Week Day 2 #MFWA2018

Inspired by dreams, wishes and fairy tales, I chose to wear one of the prettiest gowns ever for Day 2 of Malta Fashion Week 2018. Everyone at the show just loved it and I felt like a fairy princess. All I needed were a pair of wings and fairy dust to fly around the place, but just this time, I refrained from flying and kept myself grounded. The beautiful dress is by the Italian brand Mangano. I loved wearing it. Who doesn’t love wearing such a pretty party dress!



Gaetano Gown for Day 3 at Malta Fashion Week #MFWA2018

This is the day I had been waiting for a long time. I was longing for the day at Malta Fashion Week 2018 when Gaetano Couture would launch his new collection called #Legacy and as you can see in my BLOG OVERVIEW OF DAY 3, the show was magnificent and we were so honoured to be there to support this awesome talent. I was sat front row with in great company as you can see in my Instagram stories @graziellecamilleri, enjoying every single moment.



Elegance and glamour reign at Malta Fashion Week Day 3

Maria Cutajar, Headpieces by Adalia, Herminas Reea and Gaetano Couture

We gather once again at the Malta Fashion Week venue to celebrate design, creativity, passion and innovation. Today I attended two fashion shows and two presentations which impressed me with their finesse and attention to detail



Princess of the Sun: Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week #MFWA2018

Inspired by wanderlust to exotic destinations and the love for our Maltese sunshine, I chose to wear this elegant yellow dress by Italian brand ROBERTA BIAGI and styled it my way. The first time I saw it in the store I fell in love with it, so I purchased it for this special week of fashion and elegance in Malta.



Summer Vibes and Magic Spells on Day 4 at Malta Fashion Week

Carla Grima, Rosita Silk Sense, Carla, SIF Jacobs, Eymeric Francois

Malta Fashion Week 2018 getting hotter as each day goes by. 4th day brings more shows and exciting presentations of course and I was really looking forward to them all. With an open heart, feeling glamorous and in great spirits in this elegant long maxi dress by Italan brand Roberta Biagi, I was really intrigued to watch all the shows.



Day no 5 of Malta Fashion Week 2018

3 Fashion Shows by the designers Bata Spasojevic (Serbia), Jason Grech (Australia) and Rosemarie Abela

It was Day no 5 of MFWA2018 today and feeling radiant in my custom-made dress and jacket by designer Rosemarie Abela I was so excited to enjoy the 3 shows. To be 100 % honest, I am feeling a little tired on the 5th day, but know that with a positive attitude and good intentions to be the best person I can be, I feel better immediately and that makes me feel awesome! Go go go.



Moroccan Flavours for Day 5 at Malta Fashion Week 2018 #MFWA2018

OMG! I can’t believe that 5 hectic and exciting days have already flown by with 3 more days to enjoy at Malta’s epic Fashion Week. I must say, I have been to other fashion weeks in Europe including Milan and Sweden and the format of Malta’s is so much more social and compact.



Blue Lagoon Fantasy

Last night for Day 6 of the shows at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I am becoming more and more emotional by the day, partly because I’m here every day and I’m getting attached to this beautiful man-made fashion hub in Malta’s Capital and because the week is soon over and I know I will miss seeing all these lovely people every day including the photographers who greet us, the ladies making the Nescafe coffees, all the management ladies at the entrance greeting us with a smile and a compliment and seeing Adrian J Mizzi buzzing around the place like a bumble bee, checking every detail and making things happen.



Embracing Individuality and Empowering Femininity on Day 6 of Malta Fashion Week

3 Designers: Gabrielle, Herman Vassallo, Ocantos

I made it to the 6th day of Malta Fashion Week. Thanking you in advance for the amazing and loving comments from sooo many of you on Instagram and Facebook about yesterday’s look. I wore a crisp white tailor-made trouser suit by Fiona Vella Couture, wearing a strong fantasy make up look which must have been the most commented on social media in my entire career!



Ritienne Zammit street style dress for Day 7 of Malta Fashion Week 2018

This must officially be my last look from Malta Fashion Week –this super cute mini dress from the new collection ATRONYMIC at Fashion Week by one of Malta’s most creative fashon designers Ritienne Zammit. I shot this look with photographer Mark Soler some half an hour before the final day of shows started and I couldn’t be happier. For the final day, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone in the sense of usually going for a classic look.



Gagliardi, Ritienne Zammit and Mercedes-Benz Private Reception on Day 7 of #MFWA2018

Final day of shows began with Gagliardi show, one I always look forward to for both the gorgeous collections and the beautiful gentlemen chosen to sport them on the runway. The show started bang on time at 7.30 pm and it was – as always – such a pleasantly put together fashion show.



Shimmering Mermaid Dress for Awards Night

Looking back over my shoulder, after a wonderful week of top notch shows at Malta Fashion Week 2018, and having worn no less than 7 outfits, this is the final gown I chose to wear for the final day of Fashion Week, for the much anticipated Chamilia Malta Fashion Week Awards 2018. It was an honour this year to be nominated in the Best Fashion Influencer Award Category

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