Shimmering Mermaid Dress for Awards Night

Looking back over my shoulder, after a wonderful week of top notch shows at Malta Fashion Week 2018, and having worn no less than 7 outfits, this is the final gown I chose to wear for the final day of Fashion Week, for the much anticipated Chamilia Malta Fashion Week Awards 2018. It was an honour this year to be nominated in the Best Fashion Influencer Award Category. From the hundreds of messages and comments received on facebook pages, facebook groups, Instagram and LinkedIn, we know you absolutely loved this dress!


This was one of the mesmerising dresses from the brand new collection LEGACY by Gaetano Couture. I spotted it on the runway on Day 3 of Malta Fashion Week and I had a feeling that it would somehow be a part of my Fashion Week journey.

It is quite daring as a dress, very very long, the likes you see on red carpets worn by celebs at the Golden Globes or the Billboard Music Awards in Hollywood – super sparkly and low cut, but when I tried it on, Gaetano the fashion designer and I started screaming in the changing room – Yessssssss! Yessss! OMG Yesss.. and the rest was history. The next time it was seen was on the red carpet to the eyes of thousands of people on Malta’s national TV and the live streams on all internet channels and our instagram feeds of course.

Photos: Justin Ciappara

Hair was pulled back super sleek in a high fish tail by Michelle Dimech at Mixas Salon while the make up was kept glamorous but very simple and classic, to let the dress sparkle and shine. The response about the dress and the entire look was incredible and the evening was just splendid. Couldn’t be happier with how all the week progressed and although I did not go home with any trophy in hand, I do feel that I’ve been carrying a trophy for quite a few years now, every day. I feel grateful and satisfied by giving my full energy to being a blogger (there was no category for blogger this year), being myself  and by doing what I love week in week out, creating content, working with a myriad of fashion and beauty brands, influencing people, by just being myself and following my dreams.

Keep doing what your heart tells you. That’s what I’ve always done, and I have done pretty OK for myself 😉


Captured with bestie and soul mate Denis Aljush, who was one of the reasons this entire week was a splendid one. He is charming, good -hearted and damn stylish. He was also there on the final night to support me for my nomination in the Best Fashion Influencer category. It was great to have my closest friends there right behind me that day. Thank you all xxx

With positive attitude, lots of hard work and determination, we all show that so much can be achieved. We must unite more as humans, not only for fashion shows and events but to do more good on this planet we live in. So many people are suffering from hunger, disease, physical abuse, injustice and some of us can help instead of just allowing things to happen.

We are all able to change the future for our present and future generations by the actions each and every one of us does today, every day and it does not have to be huge things. How we talk about each other, how we react to situations, what energy we spread around. Let’s not allow greed and power and injust people in power to keep the light from shining and the best performers from doing their work for humanity. The light always wins over the dark eventually and nature itself balances out imbalances.

With love in our hearts, we can really make this world a better place. It starts today, not tomorrow but today. Think of yourself as a creator and you have the power to make some magic each day. What love and sparkly dust will you spread today?

Let’s stop talking so much and let’s start BEING more, we are after all human beings enjoying a human experience. Let’s use this very limited time on earth to spread more love, joy and hope to all.

Love you xxx

Photo by Justin Ciappara


To my husband Marco who flew over from Sweden to support me that weekend, I love you so much. You are such an inspiration and it’s thanks to your new age mindset that my life has become more beautiful with every day that goes by.



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