Gagliardi, Ritienne Zammit and Mercedes-Benz Private Reception on Day 7 of #MFWA2018

GAGLIARDI Presenting A/W Collection 2018

Make up: Vanessa Grech, Cristina Moncholi, Siham Agius led by Henry Galea
Hair: Claire Vassallo assisted by Narelle Fabri Opychral

Final day of shows began with Gagliardi show, one I always look forward to for both the gorgeous collections and the beautiful gentlemen chosen to sport them on the runway. The show started bang on time at 7.30 pm and it was – as always – such a pleasantly put together fashion show.

Inspired by the outgoing character who was known to many of his friends as “Il—Gagliardi”, the brand embodies the timeless appeal of Savile Row, true to its Mediterranean roots thanks to its rich colour palette. Despite the meticulous work that goes into the brand’s creations since its launch over 50 years ago, each item is a sartorial masterclass in effortless elegance and simplicity which never fail to fill the wearer with unmistakable class.

Satisfying and inviting, the Autumn/ Winter collection 2018 embodies vigour and strength. The highest-end Italian fabrics compose Gagliardi’s categories of suits and shirts in mesmerising fabrics. The colour palette is pretty appealing – Royal Blues, Light Greys, Navy and Rich Browns.

The styling by the Gagliardi team led by Sam Borg and his assisting gurus was once again, simply exceptional. As always Gagliardi does not disappoint and you just want to go to their retail outlet with your husband on a shopping spree to see him in these charming styles made my gentlemen for gentlemen.

Well done to all the organising team and for the very handsome models who looked so classy in each of their looks. Thank you for having me at your show and for the lovely gift which I will give to my husband as a memoire of his support and patience during Fashion Week. Without his support, and the support of my parents who take care of my 3 year old daughter, all this experience would not be possible. Ever so grateful!


Photos by Justin Ciappara






Make up: Ieva Dasciope, Martina Bugeja, Leanne Borg, Suzanne Pace, Alexia Kind, Henry Galea, Bekka Mamo, Kim Deguara, Lara Borg, Karen Decelis, Jiada Vella Micallef led by Elaine Galea

Hair: Luana Cassibba, Rhona Sapiano, Tamara Moya Ferrer, Havana Cutajar, Abigail Meilak, Matt Galea led by Christian Galea

Ritienne – a strong player at the forefront of Malta’s fashion scene comes back this year with a luscious punch. Through precisely tailored garments, Ritienne’s dark edge implores to come through beneath the historical motifs, strong political messages and poetic metaphors on which her collections are based.

In this collection called Atronymic, we saw once again some new and exciting experimentation by this young lady with new fabric combinations but instead of feeling a dark vibe, I felt a warm vibe filled pride in her Maltese heritage through her use of the Maltese flag colours, prints from famous paintings found in Malta and her use of Maltese surnames in some pieces, Zammit, Mizzi and Fenech to name a few. Loved it very much!

This year, by introducing basic colours into the designs including red and white, this collection becomes much more ready to wear and in my opinion it will appeal to a wider audience this time. By that I mean it stretches out to not only street style aficionados, but also to people like me who are more inclined towards classic styling when dressing up for occasions while keeping it casual for daily errands and relaxed weekends with family and friends.

Hair and make up were far from safe, daring and powerful and I congratulate the teams behind the work for going for such creative options. The photos here will show the looks better than words.






After this show, I attended a party organised by Mercedes Benz the main sponsors and left with once again a huge grin on my face.

I conclude this blog, the final one covering the shows, by saying how proud I am to see all this local talent flourish right before our eyes. All these hours of workmanship in their studios, the hours of sleepless nights they must have sometimes to create new things for the industry is something they should all be so proud about. It was also amazing to be honoured to have some incredible international fashion brands like Herminas Reea and Eymeric Francois and Ocantos here presenting their shows for Malta Fashion Week. Well done to all the organising team at #MFWA2018 for running such a smooth operation all week.


Congratulations Ritienne for this amazing show and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for gifting me with this beautiful creation of yours for this edition of Malta Fashion Week.

It has been one heck of a week, and with all the challenges I faced with my husband being away all week and the lack of sleep to bring you all this content every single morning, I can say it was all worth it and time well spent. I feel happy in my heart and totally fulfilled as I gave this event my 100 percent and I once again made so many new acquaintances with people who are passionate about fashion and creativity. I was so glad to see how the theme behind many brands has become female empowerment and giving the power to its women, which is something we need more of in this world. Breaking taboos including having the first transgender woman modelling was another sign of great times in Malta.

Thank you to all the beautiful friends who shared this with me and last but not least all of you my followers who gave me energy and courage with the hundreds of messages of support and encouragement.

Love you all and I send you good vibes and sparkles of joy, today and always!

Follow us on the red carpet and the Chamilia Fashion Awards tonight! What will I wear? ..You have to tune in on Instagram stories to find out!


Photos by Justin Ciappara

MFWA 2018 - Mark Soler msfotography

Photos by Mark Soler

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