Moroccan Flavours for Day 5 at Malta Fashion Week 2018 #MFWA2018

OMG! I can’t believe that 5 hectic and exciting days have already flown by with 3 more days to enjoy at Malta’s epic Fashion Week. I must say, I have been to other fashion weeks in Europe including Milan and Sweden and the format of Malta’s is so much more social and compact. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. It’s like a little party every single day! So, day 5 to support local talent, one of the best designers in Malta Rosemarie Abela I wore this outfit. She made this purposely for me, to match her new collection called El Magrib which she officially launched yesterday! I invite you to check out my OVERVIEW OF SHOWS on DAY 5 to see more of her stunning work. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel this year having all these talented local fashion designers going out of their way, to design gorgeous pieces for me for Fashion Week! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Orange is the colour of joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. Black to me is a grounding strong colour so the contrasting mix of black of orange takes me to a very centred place, filled with gratitude.



Photos by Justin Ciappara

The orange print including little Maltese crosses is also made specifically for this dress and there will never be another piece like it. I styled the orange dress and black Jacket by wearing black patent shoes and a black patent bag and I had a gorgeous pair of black and orange earrings custom-made by Yana’s Jewellery to match. What do you think?

The hair was blow dried straight and Michelle at Mixa’s came up with the idea to have a braid done leaving it loose on the sides, to create a dramatic effect to match the statement jacket. The make up look was one of the best also. Janice Baldacchino had my eyes artistically painted smokey but giving her glam touch with sparkles and glitter and yes, loads of highlighter effects and contouring. Looked amazing. Thank you ladies! Where would I be without your help!

Enjoy these photos captured by photographers Justin Ciappara and Carlo Jourdan.




Pics above by Carlo Jourdan









Photos by Justin Ciappara



Dress: Rosemarie Cutajar
Earrings: Yana’s Jewellery
Bag: Porto
Shoes: GUESS
Hair: Mixas Salon
Make Up: Janice Baldacchino

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Photo by Tony Magro, Captured before Rosemarie Abela’s show with bestie Denis Aljush

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