Day no 5 of Malta Fashion Week 2018

3 Fashion Shows by the designers Bata Spasojevic (Serbia), Jason Grech (Australia) and Rosemarie Abela

It was Day no 5 of MFWA2018 today and feeling radiant in my custom-made dress and jacket by designer Rosemarie Abela I was so excited to enjoy the 3 shows. To be 100 % honest, I am feeling a little tired on the 5th day, but know that with a positive attitude and good intentions to be the best person I can be, I feel better immediately and that makes me feel awesome! Go go go. We can do this! Malta Fashion Week is such a fun event to be at this week. It is a place where we are having fun being ourselves, bonding with colleagues in the industry and making new friendships too. Here at this event I met one of my besties Denis three years ago and now we are inseparable! I also met Virag a year ago and she was my guest tonight. Some people leave your life while others turn up unannounced bringing joy and encouragement with them.


Bata Spasojevic

First show was by Bata Spasojevi. This award-winning designer was born in Belgrade. In the year 1999, he graduated from the Department of costume design, section modern clothing, at the Faculty of Applied Arts, the Univerity of Belgrade. While he was studying, he was doing costume design for theater shows and movies. he also participated in the exhibitions of modern accessories and group fashion shows. Immediately after graduating, he started working for one of the most famous fashion brands in Serbia, Centrotextil, and a year later he founded his own fashion brand INDIVIDUAL.

In Malta he presented a fashion show which included a range from casuals to elegant wear.

The make up look was led by Mateja Camilleri and assisted by Danika, Ieva Dasciope, Anne Marie Bonello, Shakira Camilleri and Romilda Bugeja. Lead hairstylist was Dominic Jr Bartolo and was assisted by Micole Gatt, Ritienne Calleja, Narelle Fabri
Opyrchal and Svetlana Tanti.

Thank you for the inspiring fashion show. Great stuff!





Jason Grech

JASON GRECH is a multiple award winning Melbourne couture brand synonymous with pure luxury, specialising in wedding dresses and red carpet gowns of the very highest quality. Over its stellar career JASONGRECH has become one of this city’s most celebrated couture houses. A heritage-listed stable building in North Melbourne is home to the workshop and showroom, with all gowns designed, made and beaded here painstakingly by hand in the purest atelier traditions.

The fashion show in Malta opened with one of the most gorgeous gowns ever. Following this, one after the other, with every other gown that came out onto the runway, I loved every one and to be totally honest, I could see myself wear any one of them, because I loved them all. To me an elegant dress has to tell a story, has to have good quality fabric and have a good fit. Jason Grech’s gowns are all this and more. Gorgeous in their finesse and class. I ll let these photos tell a story. The gold one with the fringe was one of my favourites as well as the long black dress with the crystals and the tulle bottom and also the pale blue maxi dresses had a beautiful fabric that caught my eye and my heart. Thank you for having me at your show! Truly inspiring.

The make up look for the models of this show was lead by Jean Zammit and assisted by Tamara Azzopardi, Bekka Mamo, Celine Borg, Tamara Moya Ferrer, Nicole Busuttil and Rhona Gatt. The hair styling was led by Claire Vassallo and was assisted by Mariah Spiteri, Jessica Azzopardi and Chantel Caruana. Well done to you all. Models looked amazing on the runway!





Rosemarie Abela presents Al Magrib (Morocco)

The final show of the night was the one I was really looking forward to, Inspired by her travels to Morocco and the cuisine, the architecture beautiful contrasting colours of the place and its people, Rosemarie launches her new collection Al Magrib (meaning Morocca in Arabic). Since I had today’s outfit made by Rosemarie this month, I was fortunate to see all the mood boards on her walls in the studio, I got to see some of the fabrics used for this collection, and I learnt from Rosemarie that another inspiration for this collection apart from Morocco was Leonardo da Vinci and his artwork, especially his sketches on the human anatomy. In fact two of my favourite pieces on the runway were the designs made with this white translucent fabric with prints of horses and Da Vinci’s sketches.


Black, orange and beige are the main colours of the Al Magrib collection accompanied by burnt orange, denim and cobalt blue. Among the styles we saw tailored suits, detailed jackets, evening gowns and also swimwear for the first time! Loved the colours and the powerful vibe – luxurious, detailed and bold. Materials used included neoprene, denim, cotton canvas, suede, silk satin and silk georgette. How’s that for variety! The models were sporting her new collection of jewellery, minimalistic yet bold.
Hair was styled beautifully to complement the looks by Flavia Borg Attard, Silvio Mizzi, Marianne Zammit Fiteni, Rosaire Sare, Martha Mallia and Kylie Micallef.

Make up was very vibrant with orange blunt and bright eyeshadow on sunkissed and glowy faces. Led by Elaine Galea and assisted b Deborah Micallef, Henry Galea, Rodianne Caruana, Marilyn Montebello, Rebecca Busuttil, Sharon Zito and Francesco Calersio.
What can I say! I loved this new collection. All the months of hard work in the studio and her meticulous attention to detail paid off because the show was amazing! Well done. So proud of you and so proud to know you. You are a beautiful, humble woman and I wish you luck in all your current and future endeavours! Thank you for designing my outfit today. I wore it with pride.

Thank you






Another day. Another huge smile on my face as I left this stunning venue with lots of memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all those who came to speak to me and those who messaged me during the evening. You mean the world to me and I’m so happy to be able to share things that you are interested to follow here on my blog.

Much love and light to all


Photos by Justin Ciappara

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