Summer Vibes and Magic Spells on Day 4 at Malta Fashion Week

Carla Grima, Rosita Silk Sense, Carla, SIF Jacobs, Eymeric Francois

Malta Fashion Week 2018 getting hotter as each day goes by. 4th day brings more shows and exciting presentations of course and I was really looking forward to them all. With an open heart, feeling glamorous and in great spirits in this elegant long maxi dress by Italan brand Roberta Biagi, I was really intrigued to watch all the shows. What would they come up with this time? What are we to expect? Like a little child waiting for her surprise present for being a good girl, I go to these shows super excited, happy just to be there with so many other beautiful people who love fashion like me. As a blogger and influencer, it is my honour to share what I see with you. I would like to thank you for your follow and support through my journey! We are in it together. Shows were hosted by Colin Fitz. Just love his voice and his great personality!


Photo: Neil Psaila

Rosita Silk Fashion Show

The evening began with Rosita’s Fashion Show “Blue Modus Vivendi”. Designer and silk artist Rosita caters for a particular niche, slow and sustainable fashion. Rosita uses natural fabrics like silk, cotton and wool merging her designs with a dazzling fusion of the whole palette of Mediterranean colours all applied by hand, as with the centuries-old art of hand-painted fabric. This beautiful and talented woman Rosita delivers a beautiful and colourful artistic expression that exudes feminine charm using traditional styles like Shibori and Batik and other styles of the Orient.

In this presentation once again we were presented with stunning pieces ideal for summertime varying from asymmetric tops and scarfs to dresses and t shirts.

Make up was by Violet Vella and assisted by Tiziana Romayne, Ruth Abela, Ruth Grech Margaret, Silvia Baranska, Sephora Bonello, Maria Mercieca, Nicole Fava and Sandra Ciappara, Hair was styled with pretty braids by Vanusia and assisted by Madeleine Galea, Cassandra Vella, Anabelle Cauchi and Desailee Apap.

Thank you Rosita for your lovely fashion show!






Photos by Ivan Borg


Carla Grima: Fashion Show TAHLIA

Carla is no newbie to fashion weeks. We’ve seen her work many other times and in other fashion weeks overseas, and we just love her work. Cannot get enough of it. For those who are new to this brand Carla Grima Atelier, inspired by organic silhouettes and the colours of the Mediterraneas, Carla transforms natural fabrics into unique pieces to enjoy in spring, summer, sea and sunset. Crafted through a combination of watercolour techniques, photography and textile printing each garment is the collaboration of human hands, nature and machine. High quality silk and cotton fabrics are used in her creations, designed in minimal shapes for summer lovers. Love her work and this year is no exception.

We saw different colour schemes and patterns including warm yellows and emerald green, floral prints inspired by the Mediterranean island life. I was also surprised to see some striped prints in this collection which when combined with basics or styled with pretty hair accessories, they look lovely and classy. I like her style and the fact that she stays true to her style and brand and keeps evolving year after year. So proud to know you Carla. You make many women proud for pursuing your dreams!

Hair was styled soft and minimal and natural looking to keep with the beachy, summer feeling, styled wet look while the make up was kept natural with golden tones using highlighting products and techniques for the models to look sun kissed with glowy skins. If you watched my Instagram stories (which are still there for the next 24 hours @graziellecamilleri), you can catch a good glimpse of the show as I filmed quite a few looks styled meticulously by Carla Grima and her team. Well done for a great fashion show !!

Make up for this show was created by Alexia Kind and a team of assistants including Lyanne Soler, Antonia Formosa, Martina Bugeja and Stephanie Galdes. Hair team led by Neville Zammit included Kain Galea, Martina, Mandy Farrugia and Rebecca Zammit.





Photos by Justin Ciappara

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Eymeric Francois: Fashion Show

Eymeric François a Haute Couture designer whose shows I look forward to like the sunshine on a cold day, never ceases to impress. This stylish guru in haute couture fashion design simply loves women, and certainly knows how to heighten their best assets, making them look seductive and powerful with his designs. A language often obsessive, in which he strives to divert the most unexpected raw materials for creations often spectacular in their combination. Inspired by magic and spells, these pieces will only haunt you with desireability. No half measure in the silhouette Eymeric François, but a decidedly determined, audacious, never outrageous. Lots of silky materials, leather, corsets and clever layering which create his signature sexy shapes on every woman that struts the runway wearing his works.

This year Eymeric s show titled “I’ve put a spell on you” inspired by magic potions and the mysterious worlds we don’t know is just a celebration of artistic splendour. Haute couture at its best a la Francais! These outfits excite, they make you dream about grandeur and to most of all enjoy the magic of life! Beautiful work! Thank you once again for this inspiring and breathtaking experience.

Make up was meticulously executed by the team led by Elaine Galea, assisted by Henry Galea, Jade Caruana, Marilyn Montebello, Karen Decelis, Anastasia Borg Giardina and Jade Galea Pace. Hair was styled beautifully by Marielle Calleja and the assisting team of professionals including Theresia Micallef, Sherona Debono, Lauran Calleja, Mariah Zammit.

Stunning show! Thank you all for this mesmerising experience once more!





Photos by Justin Ciappara


SIF Jacobs: Presentation by 202 Jewellery

The same evening we also enjoyed a presentation of beautiful luxury jewellery by SIF Jacobs, one of the brands available at 202 jewellers. Sif Jakobs the jewellery designer creates pieces to reflect her lifestyle, her bubbly personality and her passion for luxury travel and décor.

”Travelling is my inspiration – I love to see what is happening around the world and to be inspired by current fashion trends. I wish to create jewellery that gives a feeling of luxury. Simple and beautiful style – everyday.” Sif Jacobs

I had the pleasure of working with this brand last year in my blog post “Let Yourself Shine” which was in fact one of the most clicked upon blogs of the year. Click HERE to read it.

The models walked out to a jewellery stand where the designer herself clad in a yellow dress was styling her muses who would then walk out to the public for an interactive viewing. Beautiful sets of jewellery, one more beautiful than the other as you can see in the pictures here. Lovely! Thank you for this wonderful presentation!

Make up for this show was by Natasha Polidano assisted by Cristina Moncholi and Narell Fabri Opyrchal. Hair was styled beautifully in pretty upstyles by Neville Zammit assisted by Martina, Kain Galea, Mandy Farrugia and Rebecca Zammit.

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Photos by Justin Ciappara

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