Shows on Day no 2 of Malta Fashion Week #MFWA2018 :: One Colourful Sunday

Yana’s Jewellery Edith, Isle & Aqua, Agatha Ruiz De la Prada, Parascandalo

Sunday evening brought me to Fort St Elmo to attend 5 shows by various local and international designers. The atmosphere was amazing, with fashion conscious persons attending from all over the islands. After 3 hours of preparation, hair, make up and organising my daughter at grandmas, I enjoyed putting on an orange fairy-tale inspired dress, jewellery, final touches and I zoomed off to Valletta, so looking forward to witness all the creations by these designers and of course, was looking forward to mingle and socialise with the interesting crowd full of fashionistas! The evening was hosted meticulously by Colin Fitz.

#MFWA - Paparazzi - JCiappara Photography

YANA’S JEWELERY exhibition called FLAMENCO

First exhibition was Yana’s. Yana Azzopardi, who I have seen grow from humble beginnings to the successful woman she is today, has dedicated the past 9 years of her life to designing and making different ranges of bespoke pieces thanks to her interest in jewellery making. This hobby soon became a full time career and Yana now Is the proud owner of two retail outlets in Malta, one recently having opened its doors in Sliema. She also plans to develop an online shop some time in the near future.

AtMalta Fashion Week 2018, Yana presents this collection called Flamenco, inspired by Yana’s passion for dancing flamenco and her travels. It brings about the creation of this new line of jewellery that not only includes the beading and the rope texture which has become her signature, but in this collection, she has also added fabrics to the equation, making some designs look very classy and elegant. The jewellery I wore today on day 2 is by Yana who created these pieces to match my pretty maxi dress.

Whatever you wear, a piece of jewellery, expensive or not so much, can really finish your look and the way you feel about yourself when going into the world. A piece of jewellery is often also that tangible pricelessness that reminds us of who and what matters to us. Memories, messages. Just touching and twisting those earrings that your friend gave you on one special occasion , can be comforting. Their value for you is priceless. When I wear Yana’s Jewellery, I just know that it is made with love and attention from her and I love that she does bespoke pieces, because lately I’m very much into this current trend creating jewellery to be unique.


Photos by Justin Ciappara



Well done Yana for the beautiful presentation and good luck with everything!


Natalie Bronfman, who comes from a fine arts background presented a collection with the aim of connecting history and modernity in each garment. Starting from lingerie and then moving on to evening dresses, we saw some interesting creations with use of various fabrics including gold paper!

The hair was very elaborate and sleek. Leading hairstylist was Priscilla Mifsud Cini assisted by Clayton Balzan, Luke Mallia, Roger Zammit and Lindsay Abela using Tresemme Hair Products. The make up was lovely too, classy and elegant look with pouty glossy red lips. Lead make up artist was Chris Attaard and was assisted by Ieva dasciope, Jade Caruana, Henry Galea and Desiree Cirelli.




GYPSEA by Isle & Aqua

Giulia Pandolfino is a swimwear designer at Isle & Aqua now well known in Malta for her unique and high-end pieces. You might recall one of my blogs last summer, when I sported one of her acqua bikinis in Tenerife. (Click HERE to read that blog.) Her designs are very striking to look at because of the fabrics and the accessories used, while keeping comfort and perfect fit in mind.

Yesterday, in her presentation, the designer Giulia presented a small collection of lovely swimwear which included shades of blue, green and brown this year. As usual, she has her staple good-looking golden accessories used to embellish the pieces which make them look upmarket and posh. I love the brown ones. Very sexy.

I liked the hair and make up on the models. It complemented the looks very much and the models all looked stunning. Well done Giulia on your first presentation at Malta Fashion Week. Lead make up artists was Marily Montebello, assisted by Deborah Micallef and Nicole Busuttil. Lead hair stylists were Lara and Ruth Steer assisted by Kelly Mifsud.




Agatha Ruiz De La Prada from Spain – Fashion Show

Agatha, the international designer with stores in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, New York, Oporto and Mallorca presented a playful and colourful collection to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of her first fashion show. We saw a mix of casual and elegant wear in various fabrics and lines. They are not your typical street style wear, very loud and fun. The pictures will tell the story.

Hair was cute, high up with a heart shaped accessory on all the models. Hair was led by Vanusia Mifsud Vella and assisted by Madlene Galea, Cassandra Vella, Svetlana Schembri and Anthea Schembri. Make up was lovely and complemented the colours. It was led by Elaine Galea and assisted by Edrica Caruana, Martha Montebello, Karen Decelis, Suzannah Mercieca and Kay Grech Coldman and Cristina Moncholi.






Malta Fashion Week 2018 marks the 5th year that Marco presented us with a collection called S.T.A.R, the five points of the PARASCANDALO star in this year’s logo representing his 5th show at Malta Fashion Week.

In this collection we saw some new experimentation with patchwork and manipulation of fabric, blended with denim, knitted cotton and satin for the first time. I loved the blingy creations and the black tutus. The collection is for both men and women, focused mostly on casual street styles that people love. He has presented a t shirt with the S.T.A R logo which is easy to wear and mix and match so I see that as being another popular staple in his collection.

The make up was beautiful, simple with sparkled diamantes attached above and below the eyes. Hair complemented the looks. Well done goes to Jennifer Dimech lead make up artist assisted by Annmarie Formosa, Gabriella Massa, Rachel Falzon, Christina Sansone, Bekka Mamo and Angelica Scicluna. Hair was by the talented Lee Grixti and his team of assistants including Sarah Azzopardi, Narelle Fabri, Janice Cassar, Rhona Sapiano, Donalise Vella, Kristen Attard, Lian X Cini.

Well done Mario. Keep up your enthusiasm for your creations. You are a star!


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Photos by Justin Ciappara





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