Gaetano Couture Dress in Dubai

Hi everyone. Hello from Dubai. Once again, blessed to be in this beautiful, buzzing city, the city of opportunities, the city of endless luxury, architecture, a  shopping paradise,  so inspiring to say the least! Every time I visit, even if only for a few days, I cannot help but absorb a doze of innovation from the surroundings, and some new fire in my soul, lots of business and fashion inspiration, and of course I make sure to wear something glamorous!




Yesterday, I had the immense pleasure to wear this glamorous dress by Gaetano Couture, one of my absolute favourite Maltese designers.This beautiful piece is part of the DIVAS collection a collection that is very close to Gaetano’s heart and was only seen once on the catwalk. I’m very lucky to have it here with me to enjoy.

Gaetano needs no introduction on the Maltese Fashion scene but for those of you who have not he is one amazing young, enthusiastic, award-winning designer who works passionately and has made a good name for himself on the Maltese islands. When you meet him, you are immediately greeted by a bright sparkle in his green eyes and he is always ready to help you create the dress you wish. He is known for his long, glamourous gowns, but he is also amazing at modern statement pieces. This breathtakingly beautiful dress from his DIVAS collection was inspired by the talented females in the music industry, the ones the likes of Whitney Houston, Cher and Jennifer Lopez and each dress represents a song .

This particular dress represents the song “My All” by the queen of divas and Gaetano’s favourite performer Mariah Carey. All the beaded tulle and Swarovski applique pieces on the top part of the dress are all hand stitched. The peplum that goes into a frill on the side of the figure hugging skirt gives the dress a latin feel to it which goes perfectly with the song.

I ‘ll let the pictures speak for themselves. When I wore this dress, as soon as I stepped into the elevator and out into the lobby, we had some beautiful comments from so many people and from the hotel staff saying what a stunning piece it is. I did my own make up and hair so it was very basic and neat but  I felt like a queen, like a diva yes!

My husband, who is not a photographer, took these photos of me while my daughter was playfully coming up to me pulling the dress or trying to get into the picture with her mum. We tried to make this happen with good energy and not too high expectations. I mean, you mums out there know how it is not an easy task trying to get a decent photo when you have an energetic 3 year old zooming around but hey it does make it more fun when you actually manage to score a few shots! Thanks once again to my patient husband Marco for being such a great sport on this occasion and many other occasions before this.








Designer Gaetano will be launching a new glamorous Collection at the upcoming Malta Fashion Awards on Monday 28th May. It will be different to the usual gowns we are used to seeing he said, so I’m super curious to know what it will all look like on the catwalk at Fashion Week. I will be attending his fashion show and I will be sporting one dress from his new collection, and there is another little surprise which I’m involved in that I can’t wait to show you all!

Once again thank you Gaetano for this beautiful piece I got to enjoy. I totally felt like a Diva when I wore it and I cant wait to see your new collection next month!



To learn about Gaetano visit his site or find him on Facebook




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