Spotlight on Graphic Artist Joe Farrugia aka Whizz

An artistic wizard with a talent ahead of our time

Dear Friends,

Do you ever amaze yourself at how much talent you see around you? I often am gobsmacked by talent by people I meet week in week out. I personally am blessed to have a career that allows me to witness or be introduced to people who are creative, passionate and they just follow their heart irrespective of what people think of them or say about them. They feel that they are doing something right, it makes them feel fulfilled and if they can help others with their talent, then all the better.


I would like to have the honour to introduce you to a very humble and talented friend of mine, Joseph Farrugia, known as WHIZZ for his amazing work in graphic designs. I have known and have worked with Joe on many projects for top businesses in Malta including restaurants, car industries and hotels on logos and designs. Today however I wish to put a spotlight on this man’s incredible, unique, soulful digital paintings and art!

Descendent of the Maltese sculptor Antonio Scortino, he has it in his DNA to create these pieces that leave me breathless for their feel, their minute details but most of all their futuristic digital nouveau artistic style which I believe is very ahead of our time and if you are an open hearted, visionary and curious person by nature, you will be mesmerised with each piece he creates because they feel like they are made by a divine hand.

“Art was always present with me. As you will see, my Art is orientated mostly if not entirely to Spirit. Ive been labelled with different titles such as negative, dark, pessimistic, deep, intense, balanced, forward minded etc. All these adjectives and labels made me exactly who I am today but if id had to say something about me is that “Im a realist in this big illusion which I usually call it, The Divine Comedy”. We are subject to fear and fear is control, my philosophy is that “Why should we believe in everything we see and hear, make your own reality and accept yourself as much as possible as you are are your own God, your Master, your Commander”.

My goal in life is to be of some third eye opening to some, preferably all. My hope is that what I am sharing with you will be of benefit and blessing to you and whoever I will eventually encounter during my journey. I mostly agreed when I was described as “deep” cause I am very deep indeed. I wish for success but mostly, I wish for a better world for You and Myself. The world is me, the world is you… What am I without you?” -Joe

This year, I commissioned Joe to design a piece for me, one to hang in the corridor of my new home to inspire me to be the best version of myself. I told him I wish it to represent the Goddess of Dreams and Hope and as I explained in my Blog Dragon Queen, I wished this art piece to help to inspire me to keep dreaming every time I look at it. So, I gave him this photo of myself to work with.


LOOK and BEHOLD what he came up with! When I saw it, it sent shivers down my spine. Every time I look at it for a few seconds I just want to create more dragons. Isn’t he incredible!!! You have to see it up close to feel the energy it sends out.



I would also like to show you a few other paintings he finished this week and opened the finished prints before my eyes. I couldn’t not share this with you all!

Beyond Belief

You are more than just what YOU THINK you are. Open yourself to the All (God) and the All will open Itself to you. Accept that you are only here to gain experience. Some are ready for It others not and that is why we keep evolving until one fine day the net will unite into perfect bliss to where eventually it will take us to where we really belong. My Kingdom is not of this world and Yes, I am a King in that same Kingdom. You are the centre of your own universe.

Beyond belief LOW


When matter can have a soul.

A symbol of hope and unification, forged by the All Itself, corrupted by the hands of fallen man which were once angels.

Excalibur LOW

Liberation of a fallen angel.

We are all angels of different categories under The One and only true God. Sometimes life can make us depart from the All but it is only by choice of our state of Free Will conscience. When we call IT back IT calls back to us in the unification of the Holy Trinity, the marriage of the male being the Mind and the Female being the Heart making a balanced action to receive the Holy Fire. Except God as we are all prodigal sons, persons who leave their home to lead a prodigal life but later makes a repentant return.

Liberation of a Fallen angel LOW RES

Slaves to Time.

Time has become our conditional god. We are living five minutes at a time as life has become so fast. The illusion for some of us can be beautiful and yet, it is still an illusion.

There is a bigger mechanism within each and every one of us, The Holy Trinity that constantly works, if only we could see that more, the illusion will eventually become a beautiful reality but we tend to give it our back.

Slaves to Time LOW

All these explanations were given to me by Joe himself over many warm cups of tea in his dark and silent studio where he spends endless hours creating his magic. He is deep sometimes but he is beautiful and I love him for it.
I’d like to conclude this blog by saying to Joe and to every talented artist out there, keep your dreams alive, keep your unique style to yourself because it is YOU. Understand that to achieve anything in this life irequires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe and who are willing to see the light through even the dark.

For those of you interested to contact my friend Joe Farrugia @ WHIZZART for these pieces that are now available in beautiful sized prints in black frames or if you wish to ask him to create a unique piece for you, contact him on the e-mail before the pop artists, world leaders, musicians and top celebrities in Hollywood start driving him crazy with orders!

Xxx Grazielle


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