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Malta’s Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger Grazielle Camilleri who has been surprising us with her top quality content including high fashion photoshoots and dance videos that reach 4 Million views weekly in Malta and other countries across the globe, visits Milan Fashion Week this February and shares her experience in an interview with Martin Vella about what it was like to visit this time.


With an exclusive photoshoot titled “Passion is Everything” held at Piazza Duomo for our magazine, Italian photographer Carlo Jourdan photographs Grazielle Camilleri and Denis Aljush in this fashion capital wearing designs by fashion designer Ritienne Zammit. Jewellery: Virag Andersson Jewellery




Why did you call this photoshoot “Passion is Everything”?

We all have something that makes us feel alive, a passionate pursuit that adds a little extra meaning to our lives, an activity that fires us up inside and gives us a sense of fulfilment and purpose. If you are unsure of what that might be yet, I would recommend that you choose the hobbies, careers and pastimes that excite you the most because those are the things worth chasing. Those are the things that bring you closer to your soul, the deepest essence of who you really are. You can do anything you want in your life as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support.

Great dancers, singers, designers, top businessmen, doctors, world leaders are not great because of their techniques per se. They are great performers because of their passion and their perseverance to keep doing what they love and what they are good at and they feel that they have a great purpose in life.

With this kind of mindset, I live my life one day at a time, with good intentions and I follow my dreams one by one. Three years ago I decided to take a few risks into the unknown, altered my career path and become a blogger and social media influencer to go with the times. After the birth of my daughter Luna, I wished to create a lifestyle that would suit me, my creativity and my personality. I could not work any 9 to 5 job any longer and with having lots of ambitions to develop myself and provide services I enjoy, I set up a small award-winning marketing and PR company GRAZIELLE CAMILLERI. The blogging part came as a natural progression and I just love what I do! It is a successful blog which brings in more PR and marketing work and my team always has varied projects to dig their teeth into. It excites me. I love being challenged. That’s how we evolve. Always developing something new and adapting to the times.




Tell us about Milan Fashion Week and how these international events affect you

Well, where do I begin?! This was my second experience at Milan’s Fashion Week and I must say that this experience was one of my favourite for many reasons. I travelled and shared the experience with my friend Denis Aljush, a blogger and influencer in his own right. Originally from Macedonia. Residing in Malta he too is very keen about the fashion world and we often attend events together and give opinions to eachother about outfits and so on. We share similar tastes in that we both can adapt our dress sense to the particular event on hand, and fashion week was no exception.

So, we attended a myriad of fashion shows and presentations together, wearing lovely outfits which were prepared in advance and the results were excellent in that we had a great response from other participating bloggers, influencers, fashion photographers and participating designers themselves. I personally felt so at home at Fashion Week and so did Denis.

We made sure to have our eyes open for upcoming trends and new designers because we both love the fashion world and we treat it as an artistic expression of ourselves. For us fashion is not just a matter of dressing up to feel warm or comfortable but we express our creative tastes and feelings through our choices. We both like to share our experiences with our followers on our social media platforms so the Fashion Week attracts a lot of new followers to check out what we are seeing and doing and wearing!

When are Fashion Weeks Held?

Fashion week occurs twice a year and in several cities. Traditionally the shows start in New York, then they move on to London, Milan, and finally Paris. Most recently newer fashion capitals all over the world have sprung their own fashion weeks including Stockholm and Australia. In Malta it is held once a year in May.

What do you do as a bloggers at Fashion Weeks?

Well I am a consumer too and I have really close relationship with many other consumers through my blogs and social media, and at the end of the day, brands want people to buy their clothes. Bloggers who attend fashion weeks serve as a marketing tool to create awareness for the show by wearing a current pieces or build up anticipation for future pieces to look for, as well as trend spotting. But fashion week for bloggers isn’t just about going to shows and writing articles. There are lot of after hour events, lunches, parties and branded campaigns that go hand-in-hand with this week of fashion.





How do you cover Fashion Weeks on your social media and blog pages?

Since I cover fashion, travel and beauty, I attend shows backstage before to look at beauty trends and see how hair and makeup is done and meet with the teams. This year all bloggers including myself where vlogging daily and going live on Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

During the show, the front rows are full of iPhones. I take pictures to show favourite looks from the collection or a memorable moment.

After the show, I usually post a picture of what I was wearing or favourite looks I saw. At the end of the whole week, I will post various fashion week posts on my blog for all my followers to enjoy. This also helps me build a great relationship with the designers internationally which is important for me.

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