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Oooh! Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait to start visiting the beach or just chilling by the pool after work. Lately, I have been thinking about finding a permanent solution for removing unwanted hairs. I’ ve kind of had enough of shaving and waxing. I waste so much precious time! Undoubtedly, laser hair removal treatments are something many women and men have been interested in at one point or another. These same people have consulted friends for recommendations, searched online tirelessly, and contemplated day and night on whether to go for such a treatment or not.

Some of you may already practise hair removal but for those like me who still need a little convincing after reading up on all the benefits of undergoing laser treatments, this blog is for you. Just before the sunbathing season kicks in, I am getting prepped to rid myself of those unwanted hairs with a permanent solution as opposed to waxing and shaving, so I finally booked myself a few appointments at BROWN’S  in B’kara. Keep reading for all the info!

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Dress  D Vintage Room / Jacket: GUESS Spain / Necklace: AURYNHow Laser Hair Removal Works

Unlike shaving and waxing, which remove hair already on the skin’s surface, lasers target what lies beneath: the follicle under your dermis. Using selective photothermolysis, lasers cause localised effect on the unwanted hairs by heating dark targets without burning the rest of the skin.

With a hand piece that looks like a very large pen attached to a laser machine, the technician or physician emits split-second beams of light to pre-shaved skin. The energy destroys the hair bulb underneath so that the effect is long-lasting.


Consult a professional to ensure to get the right treatment for your skin type


How long is the session?

Sessions vary in length depending on which body part you’re having treated—a few hairs on your chin might take five minutes to zap, while a thick-skinned man’s arm or back could require 30 minutes or  more. No matter which area you tackle, you’ll likely need six to eight sessions with a professional-level laser to see full results, typically an 80 percent reduction in hair growth. I only needed to do my lower legs and my chin area so it took half an hour in total at my first few sessions in January and February and the results are already impressive.

The reason for so many visits?

Laser beams work best on follicles in the active anagen growth phase, and to kill all (or nearly all) in one zone, you have to go back several times. Humans have anywhere from 50 to more than 300 follicles per square inch of skin. It’s unpredictable how many you’ll catch in an active state. All kinds of things can affect how many hairs will be hit in a given session—hormones, vitamins for example.

Other times, patients are surprised by how quickly they become smoother. I didn’t even finish up my series, and I’m already happy with the results.


Important Things To Know Prior To The Apppointments 

  • You cannot receive this treatment if you are sunburned  or even if you have a tan. Summer might not be the best time to start laser hair removal if you’re a fan of the outdoors. A lot of smart people start treatments in the fall or winter in order to have stubble-free skin by summer! So in other words, now is the best time to do it!
  • On the day of your treatment, you should run a razor over the areas that will be treated. That enables the laser to focus more precisely on the hair follicles.





I am very satisfied with the service at BROWN’s and for this reason I do highly recommend the laser hair removal.

To book an appointment at your preferred location with their team, kindly  call on the number 21488884 or visit their Facebook Page

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