Spotlight on Maltese designer Ritienne Zammit

Greetings to all. It is time to shed some bright spotlights on an upcoming talent I believe in, on a star in the making, but who needs some encouragement sometimes, to see her own sparkle. We often idolise established brands who have already made it to be big in the fashion industry but we have to realise that all these brands started from somewhere small – a dream, an idea, a spark of hope in their hearts, working in their parent’s homes they begin to design and learn how to sew clothes, followed by a drive to do what they envision.

And eventually, the ones who give their everything and keep persevering with some help from people who see their huge potential, make it to create their own brands and go international – Dolce e Gabbana, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Charles & Ron started small and slowly grew to what they are today.




Ritienne Zammit is a humble Maltese woman, a talented designer. With a cute sparkle in her eye and soft curly hair to match her vibrant enthusiasm for creativity she is not someone you will see trying to show herself too much because she likes her work to get the spotlight. I spotted her designs at Malta Fashion Week 2015. Prior to her Fashion Show, everyone was super excited about her show because they said that she always comes up with extremely unique designs, non conventional designs which leave a mark. I was not sure to expect, but when the fashion show came and went I thought to myself, Yes! This woman has got something special. She has got the creative flow and that extra risk factor in her designs which can either make or break her. You will either love or hate her work because it is not safe or boring.

She creates original pieces which are designed for the woman or man who is confident enough to wear a statement piece, someone who does not wish to blend in but who wishes to have fun with fashion, just for the sake of self expression. Her prints especially, usually inspired by religious stories or beautiful architecture or by human life are really starting to attract my aspiration more and more. Either I am getting used to them more or I am looking more for new interesting talent in the industry and empower them to be the best that they can be.



Denis Aljush wearing Ritienne Zammit

These photos you see today in my blog are photos shot during Milan Fashion Week of some items we chose for Milan Fashion Week. Both myself and my travel partner and great friend Denis Aljush chose some statement pieces to wear during this week of fashion and arts because we both believe that this talented woman has got something worth shouting about and we wore these items with pride and joy.

She creates many different styles but for Fashion Week we wanted to be unique and unique we were indeed. We had lots of photographers chasing us for photos some of which will be appearing in international magazines, websites and instagram pages by fashion brands around the globe and we couldn’t be happier. After all it is one of the reasons why we give so much passion, time and money to attend these events out of our own initiative.






This is the way we do it. I love to support brands like Ritienne Zammit because we all need to empower each other to grow together and to better ourselves. I see a lot of beautiful things coming from this designer and I think that with a mix of classic basics such as plain shirts and plain bottoms for example her pieces will become more easy to wear, even as casual wear, and I m not only talking about Malta which is too tiny a country but in the countries and cities that crave for unique creations like hers.

Good luck Ritienne! Keep up your great work.

To those of you interested to be in touch with the designer or have a look at her work, please visit or her facebook page Ritienne Zammit


Photos are courtesy of Carlo Jourdan and Gordon during #MFW2018







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