All smiles with laser teeth whitening at Brown’s

Hello lovely people around the world! Hope you are in good spirits today and that you are enjoying your life, doing a few things that make you happy and that make you feel fulfilled. Life is not only about drowning ourselves in work and meaningless chores. We have to ensure that we find time to create a balance between work, family, our health and enjoy what the universe provides. I’m recovering from a little shock by the sudden passing away of a friend but I go on feeling positive that life is here for us to enjoy and learn from it. It is precious and there is not one day that I am not grateful for it. As you know, I’m a lady who loves to smile and make people smile. I also enjoy a good laugh. Who doesn’t! I’m a bundle of positive energy wherever I go. This means I get to unknowingly show my teeth a lot, so every so often I personally like to give them a whitening boost.

My last teeth whitening experience was a year ago. In general I take care of my teeth and I clean them at least 3 times daily, but I do drink many coffees every day that is known to have a staining effect. I had a look at my calendar and I noticed that in February I had made exciting plans to travel to London for a Valentines Getaway and to visit Milan for Fashion Week, so I thought “let me treat myself to a laser teeth whitening treatment at BROWN’S Health & Beauty Clinic in Naxxar before I go” – and I’m so happy I did! Let me tell you about it here…



The Experience

I arrived at the clinic at 1pm where I found parking just outside the entrance. I had a brief consultation with a qualified beauty therapist and professionally trained consultant, who is very thorough and careful to explain the procedure and I must say, she took great care of me.

The procedure is not painful at all.  The therapist applied a whitening product in a custom made moulded tray which allows the natural Blue Fusion used to surround all areas of the tooth in a uniform and consistent fashion. I wore this tray and with the special Megawhite laser, the whitening Blue Fusion is activated and hence the whitening occurs there and then. The whitening product is safe and carefully formulated to prevent sensitivity. I felt no discomfort at all.

















How long is the treatment?

The treatment only took 15 minutes of my precious time and the results were immediately evident. From the photos, you can see the shade I started with and one I ended with. Amazing right?!

In my job, like many of you out there, it is important for me to feel good about my appearance and the teeth are one thing that I notice in photos and when speaking to someone. I wanted to be at my best for my photoshoots in London and for Fashion Week in Milan. All smiles all the way!



You will surely ask how much does it cost at BROWN’S?

1 treatment ( 15 mins) cost € 70. You also have the option of applying for a one year membership which includes 4 treatments to use in a year for €240.

All smiles I went out into the sunny day to enjoy the day and as you can see the results can be seen on camera .

For any further enquiries or bookings contact my friends at BROWN’s on tel 21417652. They are the experts!


Photo documentation by Ron Kerr Photography





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