A trip to London for Valentines

Sometimes you just need to travel for a few days to simply zoom out of the normal routine and to spend time with your loved one. You all know how we are all so busy doing things all the time that we don’t look at our partner in the eyes and just enjoy relaxing moments communicating or telling stories without having to look at the watch for time or have to rush anywhere.

This February marks precisely 5 years since we met eachother at a nightclub in Rabat Malta. I was out with 3 girlfriends of mine that night at this organised party and I had no intention of spending time with any men at all because I had just had enough of disappointing situations, but once I came face to face with this handsome, soft spoken Swedish man, we introduced ourselves and started talking amidst pumping disco music, we took a cute fancy to eachother on the spot, kind of like a feeling that we had already met in a previous life, and the rest was history.




So we just booked ourselves a few days to dedicate to eachother and I did not want to put any pressure to blog too much or to take too many photos for the blog. This time was intended to chill and to just go with the flow. We made no big plans and left it all to chance most of the time and it worked just fine.

We stayed at the Shaftesbury Metropolis Hotel in Hyde Park which was OK and in this blog I just will share some photos to highlight a few fun things we did in no particular order.


Wearing: Mangano

Hello Covent Garden

No trip to Central London is as magical without a stop at Covent Garden. Here we walked through the market, listening to the music that was being played by the artists in the streets and in the main market piazza. We shopped for a few bits in the market and then Marco wanted to eat some fresh cookies while I had a coffee to warm up. We re so not used to cold temperatures that frequent coffee and cake stops are kind of an automatic decision in London.

I wanted to show my husband Pineapple Dance Studios, which is where I used to dance in London when I lived here between 1999 and 2001, a little trip down memory lane and he enjoyed it. It always reminds me how much I love to dance and how music really accompanies me in my life every step of the way.

Loved wearing this full outfit by Mangano. This full length coat, jeans, embroidered top and the beanie kept me looking all trendy and kept me warm and comfy in the cold temperatures.




Lion King

Speaking of music and showtime, while in Covent Garden, we watched the Lion King show at the Lyceum Theatre and needless to say, we loved it! The display, the songs and the story is such a pleasure to watch. The musical features actors in animal costumes as well as giant, hollow puppets. The show is produced by Disney Theatrical Productions. The story line and the presentation of it all is a must-watch show for both adults and children. Just Wow!





Walks in Hyde Park

Hyde Park , one of London’s eight Royal Parks covers an area of 350 acres. Today Hyde Park is the largest Royal Park in central London, stretching from Hyde Park Corner to Kensington Gardens. The Serpentine Bridge marks the boundary with Kensington Gardens with the upper western part of the lake being called the Long Water.

In addition to the 4000 trees, plants, flowers, meadows and miles of walks, the park contains so many attractions including the Serpentine, the world’s first artificial recreational lake, the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the Serpentine Gallery.



We enjoyed two mornings here walking, talking and just enjoying the moment, observing the nature around us and feeling the peaceful atmosphere all around us. I don’t know if it is because it was Valentine’s week but everyone looked so in love, or it was because I felt so happy and serene, that everything seemed so. We came across swans, ducks, squirrels and coloured birds that looked like parrots. Always a pleasure to see animals in their natural habitat living happily with us. We also amused ourselves next to the Peter Pan monument which had an App experience that made us giggle like kids and these two pics are a result of that childish moment. Make a happy wish!




Shopping at Harvey Nichols London

As always, to keep the lady happy, we had to do some shopping, just a little, so we went to Harvey Nichols where we bought some designer shoes and make up and then stopped for lunch at the Yo! the sushi place on the 5th Floor in the Food Hall, one which Marco had never been to before. Delicious and pleasant, you just choose the sushi as it comes round on the belt and then you are charged for the plates you have consumed. Perfect solution in between shopping sprees.






Valentines Dinner at Bombay Palace

For dinner, we opted for an Indian Restaurant called Bombay Palace, where we did enjoy an extremely romantic dinner date and we enjoyed some very enjoyable Indian cuisine.

I wore this pretty dress from the new Mangano Collection. Instead of going for a red dress, I opted for this soft and romantic one and accessorised it with gold accessories including KIKO earrings that were given to me as a gift from my bestie Michelle. My husband loved the look and many of you also did on Instagram and facebook, so thank you for the lovely comments likes and shares! Another Valentines Day well spent I would say.

It is amazing how 5 years later, I am still deeply in love and proud to be in a relationship with my husband and as a result we have an angel of a three year old daughter who brings blessings to us every day. We are a couple who are both very busy but we know that it is only together as a team that we function at our best, and we try our best to keep that flame sparking by appreciating eachother, respecting eachother and helping eachother be the best version of ourselves. Love is the answer to everything and with love and communication, everything can be solved.


Wearing: Mangano

Hope you enjoyed this little travel and fashion feature and tune in often on my social media pages this coming week because you will have lots of exclusive content to see and read from Milan Fashion Week 2018!!




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