Spotlight on ECO DI CASA Laundry Detergent Products

Hi everyone! Despite all the wonderful things I get to do every week, the photos you see here and on Instagram Stories and my personal life journey that I love to share with you, I obviously still have to do loads of normal everyday chores like every career mum out there has to do. School runs, cleaning, organising home stuff and of course laundry!


I enjoy keeping our new home as clean and tidy as possible, I do half of the laundry every week (my husband does half of it) and some cooking too. I must admit that although I am not the most house domesticated person on the planet, I am very sensitive to the quality of cleaning products and laundry detergents we use in the household. I like to choose wisely and I tend to go for effective cleaning products that do their job effectively and that smell really good. Yes, the smells really affect my daily energies and performance levels.


Today I’m simply touching base with a very simple genuine Review about these new products available at BROWN’S Pharmacies. ECO DI CASA is this newly introduced Vegan and Herbal Range for home use made up from all natural ingredients and I was given these 2 to try out. They are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and they are environmental friendly products, safe to be used for all the family, paraben free and have no synthetic perfumes in their composition.

The first products that my husband and I have tried out are these two clothing detergents. As all other detergents, we used them for both our coloured clothes as well as our whites.



One thing we are certain about is that a little goes a long way with this brand. They are so concentrated that a little amount of product makes the clothes clean easily and they also absorb a beautiful smell of countryside, a smell that keeps me calm and relaxed. We found them to be excellent and we recommend you try them too.

It is not only mama and papa who says so but also but our baby girl Luna who also helps with the laundry basket and when she takes the clothes out, she tests to see if they are dry and if they smell good. “Hmm , they smell nice mama. I like this!” Better recommendation than that? Enough said.

Hope you enjoyed my little domestic tip here today together with a sneak peak of a new dress I was about to shoot from River Island’s new collection. I will be connecting with you soon no doubt as I have loads to share with you this month of love and fashion!


Love to you all



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ECO DI CASA laundry products are found exclusively at all Brown’s Pharmacies in Malta.

Photos by Gordon Formosa


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