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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and in good spirits! I am so pleased to announce that from February this year, Blog by Grazielle has begun a branding partnership with local lifestyle brand FINO because we believe that our homes are so important to us all. Home is where the heart is! Both our lifestyle visions and synergies complement eachother and this collaboration will be an exciting journey together through 2018 and beyond for our mutual growth and development. My followers online at Facebook and Instagram are the type to appreciate tips and updates about stylish clothing, accessories, home furnishings, luxury cars, culinary experiences and they are the ones who love their homes. They are so busy with their careers and their hectic lives that they like to look online to get tips from influencers or specific websites to see where they should go for items to suit their lifestyles!

We are certain that through our partnership with varied monthly blogs, videos and events, working with FINO, we will together be able to provide you with some information, inspiration or guidance when interested in shopping for some important parts of your home. I will also be interviewing some celebrities and interesting persons about their personal Passions and about their Lifestyle Choices, be it kitchens, offices anything related to their experience with FINO Malta. Let’s start today with an introductory feature about these 4 Veneta Cucine kitchens that I like very much. Kitchens are the heart of our home and we should choose them with love and care. These 4 totally contrasting kitchens suit different requirements and tastes…..


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Passions are an indispensable part of our lives, as they generate new energies and new objectives, new and exciting challenges to be faced and overcome. If we are to make the most of the recreational and constructive functions of our passions, it becomes necessary to select a place and a time in our homes which remain detached and almost suspended from the normal routines of our lives.

Whereas the kitchen of the past was seen as no more than a domestic place in which to dine and just carry out our daily chores, this is now being replaced by a place where each of us can enact our personal fantasies too. Today’s kitchen is no longer limited to providing household services but becomes an active partner in the creative process or our exciting journeys through life and further stimulates our desire to enjoy life more and enjoy more beautiful moments at home.

Choosing and buying a kitchen is certainly not a simple task. Many factors must be taken into consideration and we cannot leave anything to chance. It definitely needs the advice of the experts at the FINO dealership, from the consultation to the installation, every step has its importance. Your project will comprise two main aspects – one is aesthetic and the second is the functional.

In order to create a kitchen that is perfectly suited to our needs, there are three main aspects that must be examined carefully:

1) The distribution of space
2) The activities that will be carried out in it
3) The Day to Day Needs of the persons using it


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This is Joseph Grima,  always ready to assist you and guide you with the best choices at FINO Malta





Kitchen no 1 – START

I would like to start with this modern kitchen known as the START model and I would also like to introduce you to Joseph Grima, the FINO sales manager. I am now a regular at the FINO showroom and I enjoy the FINO experience whenever we need new furnishings. This first kitchen where we are snapped having a breakfast meeting is one of the most popular kitchens amongst their customers including me and I can see why.

It has a laminate finish with anthracite accessories throughout the profiles while the graffiato is in chalk colour. This type of kitchen set up is ideal for modern apartments, offices and rental investments. I like this low desk prodruding from the corner which one can turn into a little office station or a place where the children can carry on with their homework while mummy is busy cooking or preparing delicious treats for them. I like the soft colour of the wood contrasting to the modern white gloss finish and the metallic trimmings.

I must say from the very beginning that it is an absolute honour and pleasure to work with the FINO team including Joseph because this well renowned local brand is extremely professional in their approach. They understand the customer’s needs, they are aware of the current lifestyle trends and the front-facing assistants do grasp your personal style, so in that way they can assist you more easily to choose make your dream projects become reality. Trust me, you need someone stylish when you are designing something for your home and Joseph being a fashion conscious person coming from the fashion and design industry definitely ticks that box! If you are looking for a new kitchen, FINO is definitely a must-visit!


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Kitchen no 2 – RI-FLEX

Let’s have a look at this modern white kitchen. The expressive force of glass in different chromatic solutions and matt and glossy finish characterizes this project, which rises to the most demanding aesthetic and functional challenges with concrete and elegant responses. I like the fact that it is made of glass and recycled wood. I like the bar idea for hosting dinners and drinks a home. It offers a large working space and central island which gives it a lot of potential for hosting guests in the home. The floor to ceiling set up makes the room look larger than it is and it enables so much storage space! The details in the images speak for themselves.. Luxury at its best for the kitchen you will enjoy every day and every night.






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Kitchen no 3- DIALOGO

This oak kitchen known as the DIALOGO style with modern top cupboards is an interesting take on a classic kitchen. Contemporary in design, it would complement any typical town house. Features of the model focuses mostly on the oak finish that makes the irregularity an intrinsic value. The Shell System profile in this model, which was previously used only horizontally, to create handgrips for the doors on the base units, has now been extended vertically to the columns. I like the contrasting colours which give it a soft, warm feel.

I felt so comfortable here that I allowed myself to cook a healthy chicken pasta salad for myself and the FINO sales manager Joseph. He told me to go and see him more often! What do you think ? Graz_Fino_001-66

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Kitchen 4 – START

Start off on the right foot by giving your kitchen the youthful feel of a design with pure lines dressed in cool colours and wood finishes that are in line with today’s trendy natural looks. This kitchen available at FINO is so attractive and functional. It has a very Metropolitan feel and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.. It is made of laminate graffiato and anthracite finishes. Definitely ideal for bachelor pads or modern loft living areas. I like this set up including the shelving section which can be designed to your specific measurements and requirements in your home. It is modern and yet feels so warm. Here in the showroom, it is styled with a unique wallpaper which gives the kitchen that extra stylish finish. I like this one very much too!

I hope you enjoyed our very first feature about kitchen choices. Next feature is a surprise so tune in for more and follow my Instagram stories this month for some other tips from FINO with sales consultant Joseph Grima and marketing manager Dave Hosken.

Sending you warm greetings wherever you are!





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