Congratulations Christabelle for Winning Malta Eurovision Song Contest 018

After this exciting week in Malta reporting the behind the scenes from my daily Instagram Stories @graziellecamilleri which was bursting with new followers and messages from #Eurovision fans across the globe, the final night arrived and was one fantastic show. Congratulations to all the organisers, camera crews, PBS, administration, and of course all the crème de le crème of Maltese music talent. Wow! I am exhausted from just blogging haha. I can only imagine how all the participating acts are feeling after these months of preparation and yesterday’s big day.

Malta will be represented by Christabelle Borg at the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in May in Lisbon, Portugal with the song “Taboo”. Last night it was presented with a fantastic package including a dynamic choreography, digital projections and fireworks. Christabelle’s impeccable and powerful performance wowed both judges in the jury as well as all the public that voted for her. All six international juries gave her 12 points each, and she also won the public voting with 73 points. A total of 133 points.



Thank you to designers Charles & Ron for this beautiful outfit.



The 16 selected acts which I got the pleasure to meet in person throughout the entire week of rehearsals gave their best performances ever. It is under pressure that all these artists excelled. Both the experienced ones as well as the first-timers came out as professionals on stage and truly showcased some extraordinary voices and stage presence. I follow the song contest every year but this year the standard of the songs was something else. There were over 6 winning type songs that would all have done well in Lisbon in my opinion.

With regards to my experience, apart from being still under shock for being asked to be an official blogger at this huge event for our island, and to be truly honoured to be able to have helped create a hype throughout the week with my Instagram, facebook and website posts, I just wish to say how grateful I am for every person I met this week. You all welcomed me with open arms and huge smiles and you made my work a dream come true.










I always wished to be a part of this song contest because I believe in our talents and I love to share this information where I can through my blog and social media feeds. I would also like to thank my blogging partner in crime Sarah Zerafa who made this experience a memorable one. First time working together as a team we worked through the week as a team and it worked really well for us as we both had fun and our following increased dramatically thanks to this great platform. Thank you to PBS for entrusting us with this opportunity. Thank you goes to all my sponsors this week including Mixa’s Salon , Mangano Malta, 202 Jewellers, Vision Opticians and of course the amazing designers Charles & Ron for my red carpet outfit!





I wish to conclude with this … There can only be one winner each year. This year it is Christabelle. It should not deter any of you other 15 participants from keeping on pursuing your dreams in music because this song contest is just one window of the many others that are available in the music world.

You are all beautiful – Never Give Up on Your Dreams

You all are beautiful souls who are here for a purpose, you all have “hearts of gold” you are “supernovas”. Even though for some of you it was the “first time”, I’m sure that “one step at a time”, you will find what makes you shine bright like the brightest stars. If not today, you can “Call 2Tomorrow” or “run” and sing a song to your dad to remind yourselves how blessed you are to be alive. It is back to normal for many of you. Thank you for the beautiful songs that brought us “back to life” this weekend and “rocketed” us with their amazing performances. Every time I will hear one of your songs on the radio, I will “turn it up” and perhaps go on some “love renegade”

Let’s all keep shining and drive “beyond the horizons” doing what we love, singing and dancing through life, fighting “taboos” and enjoying each moment because life is “Beautiful”

Love to you all



Was wearing :Charles & Ron Photos: Ron Kerr Photography




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