There are so many wonderful beauty products that come in on a monthly basis, but only so few opportunities to share these with you. And with my Instagram page being mostly fashion, travel and event focused, and Instagram Stories passing by so quick, I felt I should be sharing this Phyris line that I’ve tried this month while on holiday. The four products that I received are Phyris A Peel, Phyris Milky Cleanser, the Hydro Tonic and the Re Contour Cream. Read why I love this skincare line!


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I care a lot about my skin, so the journey to find the perfect skin care routine is never over. It keeps changing with time. Throughout my life, I have tried so many different beauty products, some were extremely expensive, and sometimes did not give me what I was looking for, others were simple and cheap brands and just did the trick. I can tell you through my experience that it doesn’t matter what brand is on the bottle, but that you use what works for your skin and what gives you that amazing result, and helps in getting closer to that “natural glow looking” skin. The Phyris skincare line is somewhere in the middle price point range so I thought I’d review it and share my thoughts!

1. PHYRIS A’Peel

The first one is the PHYRIS A’Peel which comes in a tube. After my morning jog, took a shower and I used this before applying moisturiser. It has refined porcelain particles which smooth out the rough skin and dead skin cells, so it optimally prepares the skin for subsequent products you use. The feeling is similar to gentle microdermabrasion. On top of that, the avocado oil leaves a soft and smooth skin feeling. I like it!


2. PHYRIS Milky Cleanser

Ideal for normal to dry skin that is showing a predisposition towards premature ageing, the PHYRIS Milky Cleanser combines silk proteins and rice oil in a mild-action emulsion that thoroughly removes make-up and surface debris without stripping. Every day, twice a day, I applied a little on my skin, massaged it and then removed it with water. I love the sweet smell and its texture. It left my skin feeling cleansed, soft and smooth. It also removed the tough mascara I apply when I go out in the evening. Thumbs up from me! Love it.


3. Phyris Hydro Tonic

Third one is this awesome mild tonic for moisture and balance, it is suitable for all skin types and as it says on the bottle, it regulates the moisture balance and reduces feelings of tightness. I used it in the evenings after using the cleansing milk, by applying it with a cotton wool pad directly onto my skin. Some ingredients such as saccharides and panthenol improve the skin’s moisture balance and removes all the cleansing residue, leaving the skin soft and ready for the final step – the moisturiser.


4. PHYRIS Re CONTOUR CREAM is for everyone who wants an immediate lifting effect and lastingly firmed contours. This product is like having a really special treat for your skin. It comes in beautiful packaging which is something I notice and appreciate very much. The luxurious jar looks elegant and classy, but of course it is not only the looks that matter, you have to try it to feel how wonderful it works on the skin. Especially when you hit 40+ years like mem you love the sun and the sea and you need some extra moisture and suppleness boosts.

The Matrix Peptide has a stimulating, nourishing and vitalizing effect on the regeneration of the skin’s own fibre network and thus strengthens the network of collagen and elastin fibers. It also has Red Algae Extract ingredients which results in an instantly noticeable and lasting firming effect. It absorbs easily in the skin which makes it a convenient base for make up too. ie it is not too thick or too oily. The smell is divine which to me is very important. I have been using it for two weeks and my skin looks visibly firm and resilent. Thumbs up. I have a new favourite here!


In Malta, all these PHYRIS products are available at all BROWN’S PHARMACIES

Well I hope that you found my Review useful or interesting. Perhaps you are currently looking at trying out new products for yourself. I loved these very much. I would never review them if I didn’t! I do not endorse products or anything I am not happy or comfortable with. True story.

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