Stepping into 2018 – The Year of Dreams

Hi Everyone. I hope you are all in great spirits and relaxing after all the family Christmas lunches and activities. During this holiday in Tenerife, we have been out sightseeing in Las Americas, Los Gigantes and the pretty fishing village of La Caleta so far. La Caleta is the simplest of places, no fuss, no 5 star hotels, no luxury restaurants, simplicity at its best. It is an unflustered fishing and tourist village with a small rocky beach with pebbles running along the small seaside promenade and I thought it would be the perfect place to photograph this outfit and stop for a seafood lunch at La Calleja Tapas Bar. I am so happy with these beautiful photos captured by Mark Thornton especially the dancing ones – they bring out the dancing diva in me!












Heading into the New Year

When it is time for me to think about myself and new directions I wish to take, I like to do it in the simplest of ways – walks in the countryside or by the sea, in search of sunshine help me to clear my mind. I also carry a small notebook with no dates and in it I write my thoughts, my observations, my intentions and after that I start to pick which ones I wish to tackle first be it on a personal or work level.

As I look back upon this year, I am taking note of what I have achieved, of how many things I didn’t tackle, how often I could have given up but didn’t. I ve written down a list of persons I have made friends with, the actions I’m proud of, the ones I am not so proud of. I recognise the strength that I have seen in many people around me, I have seen them blossom into more beautiful persons, not physically beautiful but they have become more caring and altruistic and they are happier within themselves. That is my wish for millions of you out there. It is in yourselves, that you bring that recognition forward with you into the new year.

As I write my notes the last week of the year, I definitely count all my blessings and I have decided to set myself some new things to look at – I have new dreams and for this reason I will look at education of things I’m interested in, start new hobbies and I will organise more events for social interaction which will blend in with some of new clients I will be working with in my business and Blog by Grazielle. There is so much to look forward to in many areas of my career and some surprises in store for you all!

I think of my family and I just reconfirm that I want to be the best wife and best mum I can be in my own way. I wish to learn how to always be a better version of me in all ways. I’m not the most traditional person you will find, but my family accepts me and loves me just the way I am and we make it all work together as a team.





Sweet Tips to Do Before the Year Ends and The Next One Begins

1. Name the Coming Year

Choose one word or name for the coming year that will give positive vibe towards your approach for the coming year. Call it something like you are naming a book which you will write all through the year. For me it’s the Year of Growth and Expansion

2. Show Gratitude

Be ever so grateful to all the persons who have helped you this year. Take some time and write a little note by SMS or send them a Facebook message with thanks. Those lovely persons who were there to help you out during this year and they are not to be taken for granted. I have many angels out there and they are so special to me.




3. Do a Deed From Your Heart

Before the year ends, go out and do something thoughtful, a surprise for either a lonely person, a person who is suffering or else a home with orphans or old people for example. If this feels good to you as you help others, you are already setting an intention of goodwill for the approaching year. Everyone deserves some love. One day it is you, one day it’s me, one day it’s that old lady in the home you know?

4. Take a Thoughtful Walk

Step away from whatever you are doing and go on for a thoughtful walk. A walk which will open all your senses and enjoy being alive. Our life on this planet is a gift. Our life is an experience that is worth cherishing and appreciating. Clear some thoughts and fill yourself with grateful warmth from the sun and mind-clearing air into your lungs. Ground yourself as often as you can. If you don’t do it, there has never been a better time to start.


5. A Letter To Yourself:

Write a letter for yourself relating all the expectations and goals for the year 2018 and keep it anywhere safely for opening it at the end of the year 2018. Dear Grazielle…

6. Interview Your Loved One(s):

Make down a list of questions which you and your loved ones can answer on the New Year Eve. Shoot the interview in a video and watch it whenever you feel like. We have talks about our goals every year end and when we look back, we are so amazed and happy with how far we have come in one year, 2017 was exceptional in many ways.

7. New Year Resolutions

Ok, let us do some resolutions, but choose ones that make you happy and excited. Keep your spirits high in a positive way and perhaps use a mobile phone app to keep track of your aims and goals for the year?

I love doing what I do and I hope that you will also enjoy the journey I am about to embark on in the coming year. Sending you much love!



The Look

Earlier this week I went on a shopping spree here in Las Americas and bought quite a few things to enjoy including this full outfit by GUESS – the t shirt, the gold jacket and the casual shoes. I styled them playfully with a pair of denim shorts, these Kiko earrings I received as a gift and these white Emporio Armani shades. In this outfit, I felt like a rock star and danced at every chance I got sharing some moves on Instagram Story. What’s wrong with letting go and having some fun? Absolutely nothing. Let’s all keep having fun!

I am wearing:

Jacket: GUESS
T shirt: GUESS
Shoes: GUESS
Earrings: KIKA
Sunnies: Emporio Armani @ Vision Opticians
Photos by Mark Thornton Photography



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