When women join Forces

Hello Everyone. Warm greetings today from Tenerife, another beautiful sunny island located in the Canary Islands. Open your arms beautiful people out there and welcome the blessings, the extra love, compassion and such good energy that this festive season brings with it! A few weeks ago, I shared a blog post about how –Together is Better – at work, in our family and in our daily lives. When we have common visions, human goals that are aligned, it is a proven fact that more can be achieved faster because we have more intentional volume energy, more skills, more passion towards something. So, to do something different and to start creating a new wave of empowerment, Line Young Peteri and I thought of starting an ongoing project together as female career mums to remind ourselves and others about how Joining Forces is Great . This trend will be special for 2018 and beyond.


Grazielle is wearing a dress by Caroline Hili



Who is Line Young Peteri?

A 40-year-old Dane adopted from South Korea and married in Vegas to a Finnish-born Swede Line is one special soul who has been living in Malta for a decade with her two wonderful kids, Lucas and Chloé and she jokes about calling herself a #WannabeMaltese.

Some of you might know her through her business persona as a shareholder of the shoe company Roccamore.com which has created a new comfortable insole scientifically proven to make it 40-45% more comfortable than the insole of other normal high-heeled shoes. She offers business consultancy services to start-ups who need help to kick off and also assists a myriad of international companies who need guidance to settle in Malta.

Apart from her business side, I fell in love with her strong character and her sense of style which is totally different to mine! I love creativity and Line is certainly creative especially in her mix of textures and brand mixing. I met her 7 years ago and I immediately made a special connection with her. When you first meet her, you will be blown away by her ability to talk for hours non-stop without breathing haha and if you are in a hurry, do not make an appointment for a quick chat with her  but when I prepare to spend time with her, I love it and am blessed to know her.




Our Friendship

When she invited me to her baby shower party, before she had children and before I had mine, we used to talk about business ideas and we were similar in that we both shared strong characters and yet we did not clash as many persons tend to do. Time flew by like crazy and in that time Line was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and she has been courageously fighting it for over 5 years. I have been supporting her from a distance as in these times, you don’t really want to intrude over their space but just let them know that you are there with them in spirit.

Line is not only is a true Warrior but through all her rough experience with this illness she really has had to re-evaluate all the Most Important Things and Moments in Life and she now feels that she has to spread so much good energy, love and courage to many women out there not only to fight cancer but to be more positive and to be more supportive of others. Line has now fought this for many years and I’, so happy to hear that for the first Christmas in years she is not in a hospital, so to celebrate it in Grazielle STYLE through my blog, we thought that this Photoshoot and write up would be one way of Celebrating Life and Our Children which we have been most blessed to receive when we met our Swedish husbands.

Line has two beautiful children and like her and her husband, they are full of spirit and determination. My daughter Luna is more the soft and smooth type of character but she always knows what she wants and achieves it in a more subtle way should we say haha. This photoshoot held at the Intercontinental Hotel Malta was so much fun and thanks to Carlo Jourdan my partner in crime on so many projects this year, we captured some strong moments to share with you.




When Women Join Forces It is Better For All

We live in an environment which makes us cautious, it fills us with fear, fear of success, fear of competition, fear of failure. Especially in the work environment, we both feel that some women are not so friendly and not so welcoming of new persons along their path. So,for this reason, Line and I are currently on our own little superhero mission to share the Truth. When women (or men too for that matter works the same way) accept eachother with an open heart and a positive mindset, embracing eachother’s skills, beauty, talents and common visions, it is so much more beautiful to live in an environment when we LIFT eachother and HELP eachother instead of Talking down someone or Not Helping someone for fear they become better than you. That is old age thinking. We are at an era in 2017 into 2018 where when you set a mindset that is more confident, more loving towards others and seeing that there is work out there for the world entire, All of You will Start to See and Feel in Your Core that Joining Forces Is Better.





I have compiled some questions to Line in an interview and this is what the kick ass woman answered…!


1. Which women do you admire and why?

I admire women who dare to be complete themselves, and don’t give a damn about what they should or should not do. Women who dare to redefine norms are true to themselves, and don’t waste their energy with bickering and bitching. For instance, I went out with some women, and one of them saw you Grazielle in a very sexy dress and one of the women just said with admiration: “What a woman” – I loved that. She was being so self-confident and said beautiful things when she meets other women. You just see the good, and not being pejorative.

2. I know that you have been fighting cancer and you are finally in a good place. Im so proud of you for your fighting spirit. What were your thoughts every time you would go into an operation and what kept your hopes high?

Hah in the beginning, I didn’t feel so strong – But I think I just accepted that I can’t change the circumstance, but I can change the odds! Funny enough I always try to be fabulous when I go in, so most of the nurses at the hospital knows me to be very colourful. I think a lot is in your mind, if you give up before doing something, the risk of failing is so much higher.

3. How do you feel today juggling being a career woman and having to take care of your kids?

When people ask me, if it was hard to work after having kids, I always say it was harder suddenly to be around so many women. I have always been a ladish girl, so I have most male friends. And I came to learn than many women, are more sensitive than men, so if I for instance say I’m busy, some have taken very much offence, feeling I implying to be more busy than them, so I have learned to be a bit more careful when I speak. But I have learnt to plan very well and to prioritise extremely well. Having cancer has unfortunately meant being away from my kids almost 30% some year, meaning my time with them very high, and also pick my projects so much more carefully.

4. Where did you meet your husband and how long after did you get married?

I met my husband to Roskilde Festival in the toilet queue, and we married one year after in Vegas. Yes it was meant to be!

5. What are your three favourite items of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe? Pick only 3!

I have a Moncler flower jacket which are 4-5 seasons old, and it stills looks like new, and it just has this very unique effortless style which makes it one of my faves. My black Chanel perfect edge bag in distressed leather. It can be used with a dress and jeans, and always gives a perfect finish to any look or styles. I LOVE Valentino rock studs shoes, I have 8 pairs, they are almost as comfy as my Roccamore shoes, and they look so great, like my bag I can use them with everything.


6. If you had a superpower what would you like it to be?

Hahaha easy, being a mum, my ultimate superpower would be: Never be tired!

7. How much do you believe in women empowerment across the globe? Do you believe that we can be the change if we all join forces towards common goals?

No not in our lifetime! Unfortunately. I feel women spend way too much time competing and take things personal. On top of that, most women are born with a devastatingly bad self-confidence. But I still think we should try to pave the road as much as possible for our daughters and sons to follow.

8. Which places you have travelled to have touched your heart immensely? Ie Where do you recommend I visit in my lifetime my friend?

Iceland! There is no words and pictures there will ever be able to give Iceland any justice. Is so magic. And the air is so fresh and crisp.

9. Children are our future. What would you like to tell them to do to be better than all the generations before them to have a more united universe?

Do your research. learn and never stop developing yourself. Question things. Truly give what you want to have back, and treat everyone with equal respect.



Line also interviewed me! Here is her kick ass interview. Thank You Line! Please take the time to Follow Line Young Peteri on her Blog Page www.lineyoung.com/ and her Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/lineblog/

1. Why did you decide to start your own business?

I felt that I had so much to give and I did not want to be stuck in someone else’s office. I never liked rigid orders, confined boxes so working for others was not going to be my destined life. I would make my own business and work with talented individuals.

2. What the best experience you have had with it?

It is definitely the talented people I have had the pleasure to work with but very importantly is that I have learnt and still do that every business, like every person has different requirements. So you cannot treat company A like you do E and F. The strategies have to be completely unique. That is the challenge that intrigues me daily.



3. What’s the worst?

I feel bad when things move more slow than I would wish. I get a little frustrated. But I am learning with a calmer approach that I have to be patient and some things are meant to be slower. It’s Ok. Don’t have to beat myself up about it. In Malta there is that “MELA” mentality, kind of meaning things can wait, so you have to accept it and go with it! haha

4. Being a successful blogger, have you experienced jealousy? And if yes how did you handle it?

Yes I have, especially in the first year. Grazielle, blogging now. Hmm She is stepping on our toes a little. Let s give her a hard time or speak badly about her. What I did was take all the negative energy and channel it towards my work. I just do my job and I do it with all my heart and I have forgiven all these people who have made it difficult for me. Many of these are very welcoming and friendly and my attitude towards my work and people, shows that jealousy does not help anyone. So be nice to others when they are starting up and guide them if they ask you for help. Help them shine brighter!

5. You always seem so glamourous and effortless, whats your secret?

There is a lot of planning and hard work behind each outfit. I just live my life day by day and be the best I can be by preparing for whatever it is I have at hand and like you I prioritise what has to be done and what has to wait till some other time.


6. Superwomen are often as soft inside as they are hard on the surface, what is your softness?

Well, I am a very sensitive and loving person. I enjoy the beauty in nature, in beautiful music, in some words that someone loving will say. I care for many people, even people I don’t know. I don’t want to see people hurting and if I could wipe out their pain with my very own hands I would. I cry many times a day, the minute a beautiful song is on the radio and hits some chords in my heart, when I see a disturbing image and then I smile and laugh a lot as there is so much more pleasure in life when you see it from the positive side. Yes behind this strong image I am a big bubble of love and sensitivity.

7. What do you love most about your husband?

Apart from his good looks, I love his good soul, his compassion towards others, his entrepreneurial skills, the way he supports me his woman in every project I wish to undertake. Being Swedish, he believes in equality between men and women and he shares the parental responsabilities. He loves me as I am with all my warts and faults and he never ever tried to change me. He is kind and loving and he never talks negative about others. If he is in the middle of a gossip chat, he will not contribute unless it is to discuss something of how he can help someone to better themseves. He is someone truly special and I m blessed he has come into my life a few years ago!

8. How is a perfect day for you?

A perfect day for me is a balance of what I love to do through work, some family time and some Me Time. We exercise every morning, work for the hours we have to, spend some family time and then depending on our schedules I would either go out to some events related to the blog or go to dance class or spend time learning something on the internet. Each day to me is perfect, with whatever the universe sends with it, because it is part of my beautiful journey through LIFE.



9. Where are you in 5 years?

Tricky and sneaky. International growth is something I can say. I want to develop new skills I have and I also wish to help so many people on the way by inspiring them to follow their dreams, to be good to others and to think that everything is possible if we are crazy enough to believe it.

10. What 5 tips would you give to someone who wanna start their own business like you?

Think thoroughly of what area you wish to venture in. Go for something you feel is close to you and your beliefs as opposed to something that makes money. If it is good and you choose the right paths and people, the money will come. 2) Work with people for their cultures as well as their talents. Give people who work with you the freedom to also feel a part of your business. The dynamics are so much better this way. 3) Believe in Yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can others believe in you and your work. 4) Get a good accountant as that takes so much energy 5) Keep up to date with the trends of your business. 10 years ago marketing was not online. Today online marketing is everything!

Together is Definitely Better. Joining Forces is Great.



Was wearing:

Red dress: Caroline Hili
Shirt: Mango
Jewellery: Sam Selby
Venue: InterContinental Malta, Highline Suites

Photography; Carlo Jourdan






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