Drive into the New Year with Me

Hello Beautiful Souls. I send you my warmest greetings and wish you a day filled with the happiest moments, warm hugs and laughs.  When I posted a couple of teaser photos from this photoshoot, you  really blew me with comments on Instagram and Facebook. I am so grateful for this because you are clearly giving me an idea, an insight into what is touching you and you are also guiding me in the direction you wish me to take in the blog – one in which apart from the beautiful clothes, destinations in the world and some exciting events I am attending, you wish me to go deeper and share with you more of my personal spiritual feelings and most genuine messages hand-picked from the purest place in my heart.

Some of you find yourselves at a crossroad and you find yourself a little confused as to where and how you would want to proceed next. There is a new freedom that you found but there is also a new and unexpected type of challenge that comes with it. Embrace it because if you are in touch with your hearts, your new “drives” are going to be sooo exciting! 

I am personally curious why you love these photo moments so much. Is it the make up and the hair that you like? The styling, the clothes, the mysterious smile? What would you like to see more of in my blogs in 2018. I really am giving you the opportunity to be a part of my journey in the coming year, because all I do is for you dear friends from all over the world. My mission is to help you and guide you in my own way. You will start seeking some answers and you will find them in some of the messages I will spread in my posts.  It is a new approach that I feel is right. I know it in my gutt.




So, let’s think about my blogging journey as a drive in a beautiful car like this Jaguar F Type I got to Test Drive. Only that it is a neverending drive, one with many destinations, some regular stops for refuelling but some different stops every single week, some to relax, some for work, some to unwind, some to shop and some for good fun. What a journey we have been on together already so far since I have started writing here in this blog in 2015 and I promise you there is much more to come. I have only scratched the surface. Why?

Because I wish you to understand me better, and how I approach life in general, to encourage you to be more centred and to follow more of your dreams, I will be letting you in a little more on more of my personal life and my personal thoughts IF you are interested in it. I will also let you have some say in what I post too, to get you all involved, so keep tuned to my Instagram Stories too because it is there that I will sometimes ask you for your opinion and put up Poll questions where you will get to decide. So please don’t miss out on this opportunity. You might be able to challenge me totally out of my comfort zone! Drive with me and live some of your fantasies through me if you wish… Hope that is exciting for you as it is for me!



This Look

I was so happy to have been able to enjoy some added glam and sparkle to one of my days with this little gorgeous, pretty and comfortable black dress from Mangano – it could be the perfect cocktail dress for NYE or festive parties for one of you ladies out there. It would probably fit you better if you are taller than me ( which is not that difficult lol). It is one fab option. I styled it with this short velvet jacket here because I had a date with this beast of a sports car so I wanted to be comfortable driving it and stopping for dinner at Vittoriosa Waterfront. I went for silver shoes instead of black to pick up more sparkle and to give a colour pop to the outfit.






Make Up & Hair Look

I must pass a few comments about my make up and hair look here because the comments and feedback have been insanely beautiful about how they complement my features and how radiant and youthful my skin is looking and so on. First of all Thank You for your comments. I Love It when you take the time to say something, Like something, show your face on my feeds. Stop hiding and observing from a distance. Shout out more and make yourself heard. I’m here to be a driver if you will allow me to but you are all welcome to be my passengers in this journey we are blessed to enjoy together.

Secondly, big thank you goes to the make up artist Janice at Make Up Mafia who did a great job of enhancing my features, using her self-taught techniques which I love on my skin tone and skin type. Secondly I would like to remind you that I am currently benefitting from that injectable treatment I did at Brown’s a few months ago. To read all the details click HERE. Thirdly, I am challenging myself to try new looks and go with the current trends and I am happy that this look resonates with my current feelings and vibes – more transparent, more clean looking. I cannot be grateful enough for Carlo the photographer who is one of my team I can say together with some other talented artists this year like Bernard Polidano and Justin Ciappara who have done some magic with me. From our passion to experiment and from our trust in eachother’s visions, us humans are capable of great things. It is truly wonderful when you get the opportunity to work with people like these who are so talented and work from their heart. This year has been one incredible year and I cannot thank all the persons I’ve worked with enough for all the love and good energy they brought to the table.

Well the drive is not over, my friends so join me and be my passengers too on my journey. The more the merrier, Together is Better.







Kindest regards to you all


Was wearing:

Dress:Mangano , Malta
Jacket: Mangano , Malta
Shoes: River Island
Car: Jaguar F Type, Muscats Motors
Photography: Carlo Jourdan




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