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This week, my thoughtful husband gifted me with this little inspirational book called “Together is Better” by Simon Sinek to read while he is away on a business trip. I loved reading it over the weekend and it inspired me to share this post with you today. In this beautifully illustrated little book, New York Times bestselling author  inspires readers to think out of their normal boxed mind and seek out a brighter future — one we can build together. So, as a blogger I thought why not spread some of this light to you today, especially if you are curious about working on your greater purpose in life like we are.

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These adorable matching suits that my daughter Luna and I are wearing, (so ideal for the festive season), are from the newest collections by United Colors of BENETTON in Malta and this photo session which turned out amazing was a collaboration with an amazing power couple, husband and wife, Magdalena and joe, both photographers at M & J Photo Studio International. I cannot recommend them enough when it comes to shoots that involve family portraits and children. They have this incredible talent – capturing special moments and feelings on camera. Some talents are definitely worth highlighting in others! Click HERE to follow their Facebook Page and to book any sessions of your own as we did or check out the details at the end of this blog post.

These are the main points that inspired me from the book and I wish to elaborate on with you:


1. “Life is Beautiful – not because of the things we do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.”

Think about it. Yes, most of us have our family and friends. The family is something we are born into but the friends and the people we met when we are out exploring the world, keep changing as we progress in our life. Enjoy these people and learn from them. I personally enjoy learning from Everyone. Sometimes the best messages and lessons are learnt from total strangers, and it does not necessarily have to be a person in high power or command. Inspiration to me comes also from the simplest and most humble human beings, elders, farmers, fishermen, just people who have something valuable to share, something to teach us. So let us respect everyone along our journey and be open to all the messages the universe sends us through people every single day. Keep centred by keeping your inner peace in control and you will start enjoying more and more conversations because you are more connected to your heart.

2. “The ability of a group of people to do remarkable things is how well those people can pull together as a team.”

Starting from the household, I believe in Team Work, my husband and I believe in Team Work. There is no letter I in Team. Partners should help each other on an ongoing basis for things to run smoothly and effectively. It is definitely a give and take situation. Sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s me. Why is it the woman’s responsability to do all the housework if she too is working the same hours (if not more)? If some days I’m working late, of course my husband will take care of our daughter and make sure she’s well taken care of. If he is away on a business trip, of course I will re-schedule my meetings and large jobs the week after, when I know I have his help and support. Old mentalities passed on from generation to generation in small islands like ours do not hold today. We need to Change With The Times. The new word to learn is Team Work my friends.

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Our children are also part of our team, so we have to involve them, empower them to help us to enjoy this roller coaster journey we are creating for ourselves. Children have their own strengths – intuition, creativity and imagination. Encourage them to grow their innate talents and please do not force them to do things that you wish them to do. If they are dreaming of becoming astronauts, who are we to stop them, if they wish to become artists, go out and buy the paint brushes and the painting kit and allow them time to explore their creative process in their own time. Communicate with them. Do things with them instead of leaving them out of the equation and you will be amazed at how grateful they become and what you can learn from what they perceive from their standpoint. My daughter Luna is only 3 years old, and because I have no other option, I sometimes involve her in my outings to either meetings with clients or to events. I am of course risking that she misbehaves and that my outings end up as an epic fail but I would rather that than not give her that opportunity. Maybe I am lucky but she has really proven to be a little well-behaved lady given the chance, and I get to spend some cute and precious time with her.

3. “To Go Fast, Go Alone, To Go Far, Go Together”

At work, do not worry if some of the persons on your team are developing their skills because you fear they might become better than you. A star wants to see himself rise to the top while a leader wants everyone around to grow too. Encourage their growth. Teach them what you know. Share your gratitude when they have done a Good Job! It will encourage them to keep excelling! How many times have I personally heard “You are not good enough to do this! You do not have the right qualifications for that!” It used to break my heart and it had slowed down my creative process because I used to work out of fear for losing my Job! Had the manager given me a better vision of what was on the cards for the company I would have met expectations better and worked more happily in my environment. Well I don’t have any bosses now and I am a boss myself. I dont work out of fear but I work out of love and here I am today blogging and spreading some light – because I wish you to do the same with others and “Be the Leader You Wish You had”. Motivate your team to be the best they can be, and if they decide to move on, be happy for the time and the work they gave you.

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Don’t you think our matching suits from Benetton are adorable?

They are from the new collections for the season.


4. “Curiosity is Essential for Progress. Only When We Look to worlds beyond our own, can we really know if there’s room for improvement”

Last but not least, I wish to kind of conclude this blog by saying that life is a very personal journey with several trials and errors, successes and failures on the way. If you are not wishing to grow yourself, to improve your current lifestyle or job and you are simply content with what you have, then this article may not be the one for you. BUT on the otherhand if you Do wish to CHANGE something, if you are CURIOUS to go on some new ADVENTURES then you have to START somewhere and again, share your thoughts and don’t do it ALONE. Find someone to share this journey with. #TogetherIsBetter

Together we can change the world, one step at a time, one thought at a time, one action at a time.

If you enjoyed this blog post please share it in the hope that it can inspire someone who you have shared it with. Gracias!
Love and light to all


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Thank Yous Go to:

United Colors of Benetton for the clothes
Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard Malta for the venue shoot
Photographers Magdalena and at M & J Studio International for all these lovely photos
My Husband Marco for the book and for his constant love, support and encouragement
My daughter Luna for teaching me how to love, to listen and how to be a mum

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