Monday this week was another exciting day for Blog by Grazielle . In the evening, I was interviewed on a Prime Time TV Programme called SKJETTI aired on TVM at 7.15 pm.


In this LIVE guest appearance, the TV Host Quentin Scerri, a charming and charismatic young fellow invited me on his programme to discuss the subject of BLOGGING and BLOGGERS because he was interested to learn about this interesting job that is also becoming popular and more interesting in Malta and he wished to share this knowledge with his viewers.


Malta seems to be a little late on this trend, but we are slowly getting there, we are catching up and companies are beginning to understand the strong influence that bloggers have on sales and marketing their products. I am one of the few full-time bloggers on the Maltese islsnds at the moment so it was lovely to have the opportunity to explain what it entails and what the difficulties are and how it is integrated into my life somhow.


Freedom of speech is something I touched upon very slightly as I have no right to judge what angle any author or blogger decides to carry in their blog with the same reasoning that I don’t expect anyone to impose on my style of writing and presenting my blogs. We have fought for our right as individuals to express ourselves to fight for our rights and to be transparent for hundreds of years so we have to cherish this opportunity and as bloggers use this power wisely.

Here is the LIVE VIDEO (which is in Maltese by the way), so if you are not Maltese, you will not understand it.

Thanks to London F Cafe for my beautiful dress and for Ylenia who did my make up yesterday.



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