3 days in Paris

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go over to Paris for a few days. While my husband was busy at a conference, Luna and I took it in our stride to explore the city our way, slowly and in a fun way, stopping at some cute café’s and children’s toy stores on the way, taking loads of photos and playing educational games.This way we were both happy and relaxed. The third day was spent a trois. Here’s a little overview of what we were up to…


My outfit: Cortefiel, Bay Street
Bag: Piero del Hierro, Bay Street
Eyewear: D & G, Vision Opticians





Sweet shops and toy stores

Well on the first day, we did not really have a plan so what we did was we walked along the area where our hotel was in Rue de Vaugirard, we stopped at pretty cafes and flower shops and toy stores, just enjoying eachother and the new city. We bought some delicious macarons and stopped for coffee three times before we headed back to the hotel to meet my husband for dinner.

As the best selling cookie in France, it’s no surprise that the macaron tops this list as one of those French desserts in Paris you absolutely must try! Although we often think of the macaron to be traditionally French, it may surprise you to find that the macaron probably originated in medieval Italy. Anyways, we had many macarons on this trip, one more delicious than the other. (Forget calorie counting when in Paris!)






The Louvre

On day 2, after walking along the Seine for about 40 minutes, passing iconic sites such as the Alexandre iii bridge and the Tuileries garden, we reached the world famous Louvre with that iconic glass pyramid. The Louvre museum is home to medieval ruins and plenty of priceless artifacts from around the world, the Louvre also happens to be the largest museum in the world. We walked around for an hour and Luna enjoyed it.



Kisses and Cuddles beneath Tour Eiffel

On the last day, it was a beautiful sunny day and Marco did not have any appointments so just after lunch, we all went to visit Tour Eiffel. What is more Parisian than catching a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower? As you saw in our Instagram Stories that day, we just chilled in one of the areas beneath the iconic tower and watched Luna as she ran after the pigeons and played with some German kids who were also there with there parents at the time.


I was sporting my new outfit including a grey sweater with a ribbon at the collar, wine pants, a blue blazer – all from Cortefiel Malta at Bay Street and an elegant bag from Pedro del Hiero at Bay Street.

This was one of those special moments when I was enjoying the family and the destination so much, that I wished to freeze that moment in time. Family time has become so precious to me these days and being here in Paris was such a pleasant little treat.






Until the next time, au revoir Paris!


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