Our Simple Ways To Enjoy Quality Time

Some of my most cherished familytime moments have been us just hanging out at home together, cuddling up in bed or dancing with the little one in the living room. When I look around the rooms in our home, I see that in the midst of all the chaos, I’m surrounded by a lot of love and that warms my heart so much. A few years ago,  my house was empty and I lived alone so I do recall some lonely nights watching TV with a bag of popcorn and falling asleep cuddling m cushions. I am very grateful to have my tiny family and I have huge admiration for families with more than one child. How they cope deserves an award every month!

In today’s busy life, I do personally find it difficult to find a balance between going really hard at work and then switching off to be with the family. Despite the way it seems at the surface, being so busy all the time and rushing to be at events almost every day,  I think I manage to keep rooted and serene because I have a supportive family, because I keep organised and because I make it a point to secure Quality Time for myself and my loved ones. The latter is crucial.



Luna’s clothes: Mothercare Malta
My clothes: M &Co Malta
Venue: Westin Dragonara Hotel
Photography: Johan Mifsud

Children aren’t exactly known for sitting still and quiet for more than ten minutes, so when we need to spend some time relaxing together, we keep things simple. I always have one specific day a week during the week in addition to weekend days which I dedicate to Luna and she looks forward to it very much because she knows that it is her day and she knows that on that day mummy is not working. We go out together and find some fun things to do. They can be tiny things like stopping for an ice cream somewhere or picking flowers for the house. If you follow our daily Instagram videos @graziellecamilleri   you will see that we try to do fun things every day.

Mummies and daddies have asked me what we do for family fun and my answer to that is “the simplest things”. The most simple things are the sweetest.

Here are a rew tips from my personal experience as a career mum. I hope they help you a little.

Make Everyday Moments Count

Boring household activities may be the last thing you and your family want to do, but it’s a nice way to squeeze in a little family time when you can’t rework the schedule. I ask Luna to help me with very small activities like laundry, dishes, chopping food while cooking, putting the messy shoes in pairs and putting them in their place. Errands or shopping aren’t always fun for kids, but when I give her a little role in my daily activities, she enjoys it and it allows me to spend more time together, without having to sacrifice the to-do list. When we have half an hour to spare,  I will stop by a local playground and instead of playing with my phone, I make sure she has my total attention and just have fun there. Puzzles are also such a simple and bonding game to do with them. You teach them patience and somehow I’m learning patience with her too!



Luna is here wearing a full outfit from Mothercare Malta. She loves it!

Create Family Traditions

When children are young, sometimes you have to invent some form of tradition that will be remembered and repeated. Find an activity the whole family enjoys, like playing a certain board game or to going to a favourite cafe, and regularly make a point to do that. Every morning we look forward to our 7am jog in the countryside. If you watch our Instagram Stories, you will see us waving Good Morning and letting you in on our private lives every morning. Our morning run and exercise together as a team is one of the things that keeps us happy and it is something that we look forward to it as we grow together. A family tradition every day or every week will keep you in check – if you can’t remember the last time you did that activity, it’s been way too long!


Coffee and Juice Time

Since I love to take her out with me, one of our cute things to do is to stop at some of our favourite child-friendly cafes. I order a cappuccino and she orders an orange juice with ice. She loves pouring the sugar in my coffee and sometimes feeds me my coffee spoon by spoon and we have a laugh at the mess we make. The things you do for love. I love it. She loves it. Everyone is happy!



Stop to enjoy a view or a sunset

It is therapeutic and relaxing for us to stop and enjoy a beautiful view in some peace and quiet especially when it is a lovely sunny day. So every week I take Luna somewhere nice and show her a beautiful view and we play “ I SPY” to highlight the things we are seeing. It could be by the sea or it could be the view from a hotel terrace down to the pool area. It is just something simple to do together.

Hope I did not bore you with my tips. Just thought of sharing something sweet and human as a mum who tries to juggle work, business, commitments, blogging, events and a family!

Love and light to all






Was wearing:

My clothes: M & Co, Malta
Luna’s clothes & shoes: Mothercare Malta
Eyewear: Rayban @Vision Opticians

All these photos were shot in Malta at the Westin Dragonara Hotel

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