Cute Winter Outfits from La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio

Let’s be honest. Winter outfits bring with them innumerable challenges. How do we look stylish when we are layered up and completely covered when temperatures drop and you wish to look that tad sexy but the wind and the cold makes you want to cover up completely. And what do you wear to the holiday party or family Christmas lunches and private house get togethers? So many questions you ask me every day. So, I’ll attempt to help you solve a few of your winter outfit problems with suggestions, style tips, and resources to make you look stylishly you!

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With assistance from my friends at La Boutique, the pretty awesome outlet at Palazzo Parisio, I am able to show you a number of outfits. Last week we shared the blue poncho and shirt combination and also the black outfit for a day to night type of occasion. You loved them so much that this week, we have a few more options to show you. They have all been photographed in the very same Palazzo Parisio, a marvellous destination in Naxxar Malta which is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and events. Visit to learn more about the venue and menu options.

Winter Looks of the Week

From sweaters to jackets to capes, we’ve put together cute winter outfit ideas for you that are easy to wear on jeans for example. If you have travel planned during these cold winter months, they could also be suitable.

The Colour Pop

Let’s start with this colourful combination including a yellow poncho styled with a colourful rich textured scarf and beautiful earrings. This is for the woman who loves a dash of colour in her life. Winter is already cold, and dark enough at times, so the last thing we need is dress gloomingly. I propose we do the opposite, and embrace colour, prints, and textures. You’ve seen me wearing lots of colour recently, and I’m not afraid to wear prints these days either, so a bright poncho and scarf combo like the one I’m wearing, is definitely one I would love to have in my winter wardrobe.

I wore these items over a pair of skinny jeans here but you can also wear them with a short skirt, tights and heels or else you can go for a pair of smart pants and boots. Feel free to experiment according to your body shape and the occasion you are going to. Sometimes the comfortable option is more convenient especially when you are running around with a 3 year old and carrying her every time she does not want to walk and she says “Carry Me Mummy”!

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Coffee and Caramel

For a cosy afternoon catch up or an outing to meet some girlfriends for coffee, and to gossip about lots of things, I tend to go for something cute and cosy like this jumper. The texture and the colour are so warm and chic, makes you feel comfortable and ready to face the day with ease and serenity, class and style might I add.

Perfect for the cold winter days anywhere in the world really. Be it Malta, Budapest, Sweden, Rome or New York, feel good in your jumper. As a styling tip, I would suggest that to give the outfit a little glamour and sparkle, I would accessorise it with a beautiful necklace like this one from the current collection at La Boutique. Long necklaces over sweaters and jumpers are one of my signature styles. I never have enough necklaces. They spruce up any outfit and I recommend you keep many at hand for that day when you need that little va va voom touch.

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White Jacket

Another couple of pretty items I picked from La Boutique was this white jacket with gold touches. It is so chic and elegant and is easy to wear on either trousers or a long flowy maxi skirt. We shot this outfit in the actual outlet, so that you can also catch a little glimpse of what the shop looks like and what pretty things you can find here including gift ideas, a selection of jewellery, scarves and also items for the household carefully selected by the baroness Mrs Ramsay Scicluna and her daughter Justine during their travels in Milan, Rome and other Italian cities we all love.

This is why the pieces you see are so special and you are guaranteed that you will not see large quantities of them. Only one item of each so if you like something, you cannot think long about it but just go for it on the spot.

I styled the jacked by pairing it with a set of Vitti earrings from the current jewellery collection. That final touch always makes a huge difference.

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If you are in Malta and you have some time to visit Palazzo Parisio do so as you will have a lovely time here sipping tea or coffee or enjoying dining at its finest, and you can then stop at the shop to have a look at the clothes and also gift ideas for Christmas which is just around the corner!

Hope you enjoyed this special feature in collaboration with La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio.

Until the next one, be good to eachother and enjoy every moment because life is too short to waste.


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