Winter is approaching!

Hello ladies and gents! Hope you are all in good spirits. Winter is approaching and despite the fact that I do love summer much more, I am now looking forward for some extra cosy cuddles on those colder nights, I’m excited to wear some new fluffy pyjamas that are sitting there waiting to be worn, I do enjoy sipping warm soups at dinner much more.  In the absence of outings to the beach, the weekend outings become more about tea, coffees and lunches with family and friends and of course I have to be honest and say that I can’t wait to enjoy the Christmas festivities this year, especially in the eyes of our daughter Luna. I’m sure many of you enjoy this time of year too!

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Clothing & accessories: Palazzo Parisio
Photography: Carlo Jourdan

It is true that it is not everyone’s favourite season because of the unbearable cold temperatures, rainy days and fewer days by the beach and the pool. In some countries, people have to shove layers of snow to be able to drive their car out of their driveway. However, on the otherhand, many of you love the fashion sense that comes with the season. You enjoy the layering and thick cosy fabrics, caps and winter accessories. You like the variety of fabrics and footwear you can enjoy more in the winter months.

So, we have gladly agreed to team up with La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar to show you some beautiful unique items imported from Italy and other styling ideas that are available this season, from right now including clothes, accessories and also some pretty gift ideas. The staff is always ready to help you pick the best outfit for you or your loved ones. My tip for you is to ask for assistance as the store is so stacked with items in pretty drawers that you might just miss the thing you are looking for.

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Ponchos, silk shirts and accessories

Ponchos are a fantastic alternative to a coat or jacket in cold weather. Because they tend to be less bulky than a jacket or coat, they flatter your figure. Longer-length styles are most flattering. For maximum wear opt for one that’s a single block colour or go for a patterned version featuring neutral hues. Palazzo Parisio has just received a selection of elegant ponchos in a variety of textures and colours.

For a traditional take on things I chose to show you this blue poncho (which will suit most body types and heights). I paired it with slim fitted jeans for a balanced, a striped blue and white silk shirt. To accessorise, I just added this gorgeous long necklace with the same colour scheme and a pearly white purse. How do you like this look?

All these items I am wearing in this blog are from La Boutique, the outlet situated inside, at entrance of the magnificent Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, which is also open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and events as well as public viewings of the Palazzo. So if you have some time, call a friend and organise an outing here. I promise you that you will get hooked on this place. It’s so beautiful!


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Trousers and shirt combinations

I know you will agree with me when I say that there’s nothing sleeker, more minimalist, and easier to pull off that an all-black outfit, and the shade is able to take on various personalities, from ultra-feminine with girly black skirts and silky shirts, to long maxi-skirts and blazers to trench coats and slim fit pants. The options are endless.

And so are the options of mix and match shirts, blouses and trousers at La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio so I have taken the liberty to show you one of my favourite picks from this collection, that I actually wore to a fashion event that was held this month in the ballroom of this 18th century palazzo.

A high collar shirt with gold trimmings. Paired it with a classic pair of cotton high waisted pants and then accessorised with these beautiful Asian-themed earrings and a black and gold purse with pale gold shoes, all from La Boutique. We love this look and we had to take some photos in the ballroom to give it the luxury it well deserves. All these items are available at La Boutique!

I hope you enjoyed these first two outfits brought to you by Blog by Grazielle and I will be showing you a few more items leading to Christmas and I also encourage you to visit for tea or coffee or lunch if you have not already. You will thank me for recommending it.

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Love and good vibes to all!

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All items in this blog are available at La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio, one of my fashion and lifestyle partners from now until Christmas and the New Year!

Photos: Carlo Jourdan


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