BROWNS health and beauty clinics launch Juvederm VOLITE skin boosting treatment

Having great skin is the ultimate confidence booster. It is one of the things that makes me feel good when I look in the mirror. We all feel much better when our skin is looking healthy, radiant and youthful. The older we grow, the more conscious we become of our skin’s appearance and we tend to look out for all the small wrinkles and we notice our skin changing with time. It’s only normal . It’s a part of life.


Recently I have discovered this treatment available at BROWN’S PHARMACIES in Malta and after a few restless nights thinking about it, I thought I would try it out because I wish to improve my skin’s quality. This treatment is called VOLITE available by private consultation and appointment with the qualified Aesthetic Physician. I went to the BROWN’S pharmacy in Mellieha.


What is VOLITE?

Let me explain what it is. VOLITE is an innovative injectable treatment,  for not only improving skin quality but also aimed at a variety of other skin concerns. Juvederm VOLITE is the first injectable treatment, that comes in a box containing a number of little capsules, and it is designed to improve skin quality for up to nine months with just one treatment session.

Using patented VYCROSS technology, Juvederm VOLITE aims to improve the skin’s smoothness, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and it improves the skin’s hydration and elasticity.

The once-a-year skin boosting injection rejuvenates the face, neck, hands and décolletage by delivering micro injections of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) directly into the skin, resulting in instant rehydration, wrinkle smoothing rejuvenation and luminous radiance.




My Personal Experience

After a consultatation with the professional dermatologist, to determine which areas of my facial skin I wished to target, and determined the amount of product required, I booked the appointment.

The procedure was held at Brown’s Health & Beauty in Mellieha and it took about 20 minutes in total. This involved the aesthetic practitioner applying the product in tiny amounts across the desired areas – in my case the cheek area, the forehead and the finer lines like very tiny cracks below my lips. I am not a person who makes a fuss and in fact I did not find this painful. Of course it is a little uncomfortable but the practitioner made it as quick and easy as possible. Immediately, cold ice packets were placed above the areas to avoid bruising.








That day I went home feeling bruised but it did not show very much. It was only on the forehead where I saw some dotted areas, but these were gone after 3 days and I went out to work as normal by just applying some powder foundation to hide the red spots.

The results today a month later 

I am writing this blog now a month later, because I wanted to give you a true review and feedback. I am seeing an improvement in my skin and I am noticing a better glow in the skin especially on the cheek bones area. I have had people comment that I am looking radiant and they have asked me what I have done to look like this, so it is something you see but it is not a drastic change as you would notice a botox application for example. This is meant to last 9 months so I hope it will last long as I’m very satisfied.

I am also going to the official launch of the new clinical and aesthetic services offered by BROWN’S Health & Beauty at Piazza Tigne, Sliema on October 11th,  so this blog comes coincidentally with a perfect timing.

If you are interested for a free consultation at BROWN’s contact the number of BROWN’S Mellieha on tel (+356) 21523554.

Hope you enjoyed this personal experience. It is not something that everyone shares in their blogs but recently I met a group of 6 women who follow the blog and we had this discussion about aesthetic and other services and they said they would be interested to know what is available out there for women and men over 30 who like to maintain their looks in the most natural way.

Love and light to all


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