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New seasons bring with them new emotions, new challenges, new clothes in the wardrobe and quite often we tend to spoil ourselves with a new fragrance too. A really important role in the way we present ourselves besides the clothing and make up are the fragrances we use. Some of you asked me what perfumes to I like and use so when I have some free time, I will write a blog about some of my favourite fragrances I am currently using and when I wear them.  It is so important for me to feel fresh and to identify myself with the perfume I’m wearing . If I am using a perfume that doesn’t fit me like a glove, I feel uncomfortable the whole day. I’m sure a lot of you ladies and gentlemen out there identify with this..You know what I mean yes?




This month, I have decided to explore this brand new fragrance THIS IS HER! Recently launched in Malta by C & M Marketing, I have had the opportunity to be one of the first persons to have it, to be able to share this news with you all. Very grateful for this.

So, here we go! First of all, the bottle design is elegant and simple, inspired from contemporary art. The artistic design team at Zadig & Voltaire wanted to focus on a minimalist design, black and white, with this symbol of opposition and attraction between men and women.

It has a woody, heady floral fragrance created by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. Genuine, classy Parisian elegance wrapped in sensuous silk and cashmere. The notes include a floral bouquet of Arabian jasmine brightened with pink peppercorn. A sweet with a rock spirit made of chestnut and vanilla.

These top notes are then reaffirmed with an intense, woody and milky base note: sandalwood, the Zadig & Voltaire signature. Confident, unpredictable, irresistible. This is HER!

This fragrance is an attitude of restlessness. Being rock means being yourself. Free, sure of your rebellious elegance, good in your own skin. Just one rule: Always be ready for anything! This really reflects a good part of my character as I do feel very strongly about being myself every day because there is no reason to make false pretenses. In the end, people see through artificiality and the true you always surfaces some time or other. Not everyone will like you, but that’s OK. Life is full of people who will. What’s most important is that you are comfortable in your own skin. I like this fragrance as it feels fresh and sporty and love it for every day wear. Try it out!








“Zadig is a lifestyle, a unique look, a feeling of freedom.”
Cecilia Bönström – Artistic Director, Zadig & Voltaire

This fragrance is stocked by all House of Beauty outlets in Malta.


Photography & staging: Michelle Dimech


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