Luisa Positano Dress in Gozo

With two wardrobes full to the brim of delightful pieces, a result of numerous shopping sprees and uncontrollable spending, you can imagine that I don’t seem to need much else. BUT, there is always a very very good excuse I find and tell myself when I do NEED to get a new item and this Luisa Positano dress from La Boutique at Palazzo Parisio had quite a few excuses 😉





I have so many pretty dresses in different styles but this dress spoke Italy to me, vacations with the family: It also reminded me of the Dolce e Gabbana print that was to die for last year so this dress had to join my family of clothes and it also made it to our summer getaway to Gozo island where we stayed at the delightful Hotel Calypso.

OK ladies. I agree with you that some clothes are expensive and the life¬span of certain prints and textures is quite short. It sometimes feels like a waste of money, even though the item is gorgeous. Our budget does have limits sometimes and we have to say No to something and go home sulking all day and all night. But there are some glorious days in our lives, when we would have had a good month that we should allow ourselves to spend that money on a dress or a special accessory that we can’t get out of our mind.  We deserve a treat for our hard work.

So this month, after enjoying a frothy cappuccino and a carrot cake in the gorgeous gardens of Palazzo Parisio, I went to La Boutique, the shop at the palace and decided to add this beautiful dress by Luisa Positano to my wardrobe. The earrings and the bag were also part of the same shopping splurge.

When I wear it, this dress makes me feel like I’m in Italy. The dress makes me feel like the ultimate woman and mother. A dress that is dreamy and happy and is all that I am – a splash of bright colours enjoying life day by day, trying to find the sunshine in everything. I felt so good wearing in Gozo and you can tell by the huge smiles I had on my face when my husband kindly took some candid photos during our holiday. I enjoyed the vacation and so did baby Luna who is seen here wearing a full outfit by M & Co Malta.








Hope you love this dress. Pop in to Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar as they have so many other styles in that same pattern too and they have a SALE running for another few weeks!

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Was wearing:

My Dress: Luisa Positano @La Boutique @Palazzo Parisio
Earrings: La Boutique @ Palazzo Parisio
Bag: La Boutique @ Palazzo Parisio
Eyewear: Rayban @Vision Opticians (new)
Luna s outfit: M & Co Malta
Hair: Alberto Spiteri @Niumee


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