Do You Believe in Soulmates?

Two weeks ago was one of those in which I felt I needed to make time for a chat with someone. I needed to de-stress a little, so on Friday, I grabbed my phone, smsed my friend Denis, and asked him to meet me in Valletta for a late breakfast at Kingsway. Luckily he was free and accepted to meet me. I drove my cute motorcycle to Valletta to avoid traffic hassles, wearing my brand new pink silk shirt, denim ombre shorts and matching nude pink hoversack – all from River Island. I didn’t tell him I had planned a casual photoshoot because he might have taken 2 hours to get ready and to blow-dry and style his hair. I just told him “wear something denim and something light coloured for selfies and stuff for Instagram Stories OK?” – and he turns up like this! –Typical – we are perfectly colour co-ordinated! I love it!

Graz_Kingsway_Valletta001-62I’m wearing a full look by River Island.  Sunnies are by Vogue Eyewear available at Vision Opticians




Have you ever felt connected to someone from the first day you exchanged glances and spoke to eachother — someone you didn’t know from the past? When your eyes met, you simply felt connected, as though this person knew you and understood you even though you may not have said a word. As though this person knew everything there was to know about you, everything that mattered in that moment, or simply saw you, really saw you. Through your eyes —the windows of your souls—you can see into the depth of one another.

To your rational mind, it may have felt like a fascination or an intense curiosity. You wanted to know more about this person, to see this person again, hear his giggle one more time and to feel connected to this person. Because the moment moved you in some way, stirred a desire, a common, unspoken need.

What if I told you that if you’ve ever felt this connection with someone, it’s quite likely that you have just met a subtle form of a soulmate—a type of soulmate. You might have learnt by now through your experiences, that as we move through our life, we are presented with people who come into our awareness to teach us something, to guide us toward something, or to help us remember something —something in this life, on this day, that we’re supposed to be reminded of—maybe forever or maybe just for this day!

There is a reason the person is called a soulmate. It is a connection that transcends all logic. It is a connection that requires us to open our hearts and perhaps shut down our logical minds. The soulful connection requires us to believe that all things are possible, and that when our souls are ready, our soulmates will appear. But if we’re not ready, if our hearts are not open or our mind’s dialogue is too strong, we will not recognize these soulmates when they appear before us. We will dismiss the encounter. We will walk away. And, we will not recognize the meaning these familiar souls have in our life. We will not realize the potential before us.




In the last decade of my life, I’ve become profusely aware that new soulmates are here, entering my life, every which way I look and although I might have not accepted the fate back then, I do now understand that those that did form part of my life, they were there for a reason and for that I am eternally grateful, although it might have also been painful at times to see them go.

I will not mention the names of all my very rare soulmates I met through my 42 years as there have been quite a few beautiful ones – some are and some are not part of my life any longer.

I will though like to introduce you to one of them who is one of my soulmates right now – Denis Aljush – a general practitioner by profession who is deeply interested in fashion and the arts. We met a year ago when we exchanged smiles and exchanged fashion comments at Malta’s Fashion Week, we introduced ourselves that day, we hit it off right away and we have been speaking, meeting and having fun together to this day. Sometimes we meet alone and sometimes he joins our social events with my husband and friends at the weekends. I don’t know yet what the purpose is of our paths crossing, but I just think he is a genuine soul with so many similar hobbies like mine that I will just allow this to flow and we will see what what happens. I choose to have an open mind and an open heart and enjoy his company when he is around.



When we meet we laugh a lot, like young kids, we take a million selfies (he loves it and cannot have enough clicks haha), he supports my career and I support his. We accept and love eachother just the way we are and we understand eachother. Like my husband, my permanent soulmate for life, Denis gets me, and I don’t need to explain myself. Another thing that works between us is that he also enjoys going to fashion shows, fashion events and dressing up stylishly so of course we have started attending some events together, some as a group and some alone – just us 2!







I understand him and I don’t judge him. I feel like I have met him in a previous life, I love his positive energy and I think we can together have some interesting moments and perhaps work on some things on the blog together. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud … We had a great breakfast at Kingsway – the avo toast was my absolute favourite and we also had some Aperol Spritz after our coffees, just because we can!

After we met, I felt revived, re-energised and super ready for the weekend ahead with my family. So, to be clear, I don’t want you to think of the soulmate connection only in the archetypal, lover sense. I want you to also think of the people you encounter throughout your day who may never be lovers but have still moved you in some way OK?

As we move through our life on earth, do remember, there is meaning and fate in everything and everyone. There is a reason why I was inspired to write this post right now and a reason you have come across it and are reading it right now. All I’m saying is Open Your Mind and Your Heart to the possibilities and let your intuition guide you. Hopefully you will start meeting more soulmates too… Who is your soulmate?


I was wearing:

Shirt: River Island, The Point (New Collection)
Shorts: River Island, The Point (New Collection)
Hoversack: River Island, The Point
Shoes: River Island, The Point
Make Up: Jilienne Ciantar @Melita Health & Beauty
Photography: Carlo Jourdan




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