Proud To Be Maltese

Hello everyone! Have I told you how proud I am of my country of origin – Malta? In particular I am proud of what the nation has accomplished with its own resources. Despite its tiny geographical size, it flourishes in commerce, tourism, quality of life and we proudly hear of several success stories from talented individuals in different areas including business, fashion, music, hospitality and sports!


When we launched the #MALTATV project back in September 2014, our vision was to use these videos and blogs to market the Maltese islands internationally. Our aim still is today to put a spotlight on businesses, people and events, to give tips of where to stay and inform about what’s on in Malta. This was launched before Blog by Grazielle and we are still enjoying the developments and productions.

One recent project I was very happy to be involved in was a collaboration project with a few very talented persons in the fashion industry – Charles & Ron, the well-renowned duo designers who keep impressing us with their international growth and innumerable creations now seen worn by Hollywood celebrities. The photographer chosen was Matthew B Spiteri and the make up artist was Amanda Greaves together with Michelle Dimech, hair stylist at Mixas.

Together we worked on a photoshoot with Malta as the main theme. The photos of this shoot were released on the GWIDA magazine this week and have been launched on my Instagram page throughout this month. These photos  of 4 different fashion looks styled by Carlton Agius at C & R represent 4 characteristics of Malta and its people.




The corporate look is the one which represents Maltese as the hard workers. Whether it is in businesses or working hard to be the best parents, Maltese people are not lazy.  Once we set our minds to achieve great things, nothing stops us. Our level of education, creativity and development is deemed to be high compared with other countries in the world. Whichever industry we take on, we seem to excel and have highly competent individuals setting higher and higher standards. Be it in the music industry, hospitality industry or in entertainment and art, it always makes me so proud to hear of success stories with national and international recognition. We have so much to still improve of course, but we are on a good track as a nation I think.

Malta is also well organised to invite international  business making it thrive as an igaming destination. It seeks to become the largest operational network for igaming companies in the European Union and it is apparent that the government is very committed in further helping the igaming industry to develop. The Government has promised to support the gaming industry because of its importance to the creation of jobs and Malta’s economic growth. Currently, Maltese companies in the igaming industry employ over 10,000 individuals. I find that very interesting.





This look represents the Maltese Islands steeped in culture and heritage. This historic legacy, unique in the Mediterranean, is reflected in the country’s national architecture and collections. There are so many areas of heritage and culture to be explored starting from the traditional Maltese balconies full of character and Mediterranean flavour. Theatre and music are also very popular in the Islands. A variety of theatres – including the Valletta’s Manoel Theatre and two opera houses in Victoria (Gozo) – as well as several open-air venues offer wide selection of plays, musicals, operas and concerts.




The colours of Malta on our flag are white and red. However our colours go way beyond these. Our sunshine, sea, countryside and our warm characters as welcoming individuals have helped us to remain on the world’s radar as a country that is full of flavour and despite our few disadvantages, we have a very good lifestyle here in Malta and just hope that we will keep on improving this quality of life for future generations.

As a career mum, it is not always easy to get through the weeks without feeling exhausted. We have to do our jobs and also take care of our kids and the house chores. I believe that with a positive attitude we achieve so much more. Also when in need, asks friend for help. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good day to you all career super women out there!! 💛💛💛 • • • • Wearing @charlesandron Makeup @amanda.greaves Hair @mdmixa • • • #blogger #pr #marketing #maltatv #100remarkablewomen #malta #exhibition #CharlesandRon #blackandwhitephotography #blogger #bloggerslife #entrepreneur #events #lovemylife #LoveMalta #beautifulplaces #beautiful #wow #omg #happytobeawoman #peace #love #inspirational #officewear

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Last but not least, this look in particular with a dress that has Charles & Ron logos printed throughout is one example of a brand in Malta that has flourished from hard work, sweat and determination. From an island with a population of less than half a million, IT IS POSSIBLE to have top fashion designers, it is possible to have singers launching international careers, it is possible to see persons in the sports achieving Gold Medals in the Olympics. Why? Because it is in our DNA to fight. We are warriors, fighters and as passionate persons we have shown through our actions that we can and always will achieve great things. We have to believe in ourselves and in our capabilities and support (not bully) the success of others. I am proud of Malta and proud to be Maltese.

I just wanted to share with you this particular project that was good fun. Let’s see which other Maltese brands we will work with to keep reminding the rest of the world how big we are despite our geographical size.




Clothing: Charles & Ron
Make Up: Amanda Greaves
Hair: Mixas Salon
Photography: Matthew B Spiteri

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  1. That’s awesome, Malta does indeed have a lot of potential!! Of course, there’s room for improvement: better driver training (seriously, it’s bad), get the polluting vehicles off the roads (FAR too many), and cut back on the cigarettes (out of control!!). Just my two-cents worth…

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