My Chamilia Journey Continues

Wearing my heart on my sleeve and my biography on my wrist, Chamilia charms and jewellery do inspire creative self expression. Since I’ve started my journey and telling my story, whether it is a romantic sentiment, family topics, passions or things I love, I have found innumerable ways to personalize my jewellery. Thanks to 202 Jewellery Emporiums in Malta and Gozo,  by adding one or two charms every month, my bracelet is filling up very nicely, so I thought I’d once again update you with my new selections, why I chose them and show you how it is looking to date! Are you ready?

IMG_2667This photoshoot was held in Puerto Los Cristianos the day of my 3rd year marriage anniversary just before dinner



IMG_2696-iloveimg-convertedsunglasses: Versace @ Vision Opticians

I had some time to take photos of my bracelet and my new charms during my holiday so I am very excited to be sharing them with you from the lovely island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, where we love to visit twice or three times a year to meet family and relax in this beautiful place.
As Chamilia says it “Life is a journey. Let’s live with all our heart.” and that is what we are trying to do!

The 4 charms I chose:

Anchors Away – Ship Ahoy

Summertime fun and holiday vibes are what this charm are all about. The anchors away charm features a life preserver ring in classic nautical style and a petite anchor on a rope bail. It is a sterling silver charm with blue enamel accents which will complement my other charms in a similar colour.



Watermelon – The Slice of Life

To me this charm has a few personal meanings. As a fruit, it signifies the spirit of summer and all the fresh fruits in season we get to enjoy. The sweet refreshing watermelon is one you will always find in our refrigerator and we all love it very much! My daughter Luna is crazy about watermelon and calls it “titalemon” as she still does not know how to pronounce it. This pretty Chamilia charm features many little pretty details including a playful bite taken out, a flower and a mix of Swarovski crystals with transparent and pink enamel.




Camera – Say Cheese!

No blogs are possible without the use of a good camera, be it a snap from my phone or a professional camera, memories are there to be snapped and remembered and shared. No memories and photos are possible without a camera. We all take so many pictures every single day and it is because we wish to capture that moment, that view, that look, that memory with a special person. Photos and cameras have been around for centuries and they are there to stay it seems!



Summer Flower – Fruitful Times

The elegance and beautiful detailing of this charm caught my attention and I chose it to be a part of my journey. To me, this wonderful creation represents not only the sunshine of my beautiful island, the warmth that my travels bring to my heart and all the beautiful people I have the pleasure to work with and meet every year. This charm is one to be treasured together with all my memories to last a lifetime – the good and the bad. The people who come in and out of our lives, the relationships we win and we lose, the hard work we put in to raise our children. It also marks new beginnings and new chapters in my life when I am looking at new possibilities, new ventures and collaborations and also to be more present as a human being to persons around who need my help and guidance.




Hope you enjoyed this Chamilia update!



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The Look and New Collaborations 

As for the look, this is something else that I am excited to share with you! My Blog has also got followers in Tenerife. It is where my blogging has actually began over 2 years ago and since then we have promoted our blogs online in other countries too including Tenerife, UK, Dubai, Australia and Italy and it is starting to reap some meaningful rewards.

One of the outcomes is a collaboration with a very popular retail brand here in Tenerife Sud called Star Trek Fashion The styles in their stores range from bikinis and beachwear to nightclubbing and party clothes. This is one of the brands I’m working with for the first time, with this look, inspired by the Spanish ladies, and the love for travel to beautiful destinations to raise awareness about this brand which will soon launch an online shop. We chose this green, short cropped  top worn off the shoulders and high waisted cotton trousers and styled them with my own shoes by Desiree Fashion, Versace sunnies, my Michael Kors bag and my Chamilia bracelet to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Hair was pulled up in a sleek bun with middle parting and lots of hair spray. Hola! Hope you like what we did! Feel free to leave any comments you may have…


Top: Star Trek Fashion, Tenerife
Trousers: Star Trek Fashion, Tenerife
Bracelet: Chamilia @ 202 Jewellery Emporiums, Malta
Shoes: Desiree Fashion Design, Malta
ag: Michael Kors @Rebelli Malta 








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