Isle & Aqua Bikini rides waves at Vans Surf School

The Canarian island is so beautiful . There’s no denying it. The water is clean, the soft beaches, lined with palm trees and the rocky beaches are intriguing; The sunsets are something else. Waves for absolute beginners, amateurs and pros, rights, lefts, lazy people. You name it. It’s here for all to explore!


Featured Bikini: Isle & Aqua at Vans Surf School in Las Americas, Tenerife



There are hundreds of surfers enjoying their favourite hobby in the area; they make surfing look so easy, the kind that learners aim to be. Longboarders cruise effortlessly at one point while power surfers smash huge waves like it’s the easiest thing! Young dudes, bikini babes and boys of all ages in loose shirts or no shirts line the streets, wandering with boards under their arms, some relaxing outside bars, chatting on the roadside with locals or on their mobile phones.

I want to learn how to surf. I mean, how difficult can it be? So after postponing a couple of times, I thought I’d give it a shot after all i will be visiting this island more times so it’s worth trying it out Hmm … Of course I needed to sport a new bikini and shoot this grandiose occasion or at least the non-embarassing part of it, so I wore this stunning bikini from Isle & Aqua and I got it from Chante Boutique in Sliema.

I like this bikini because of its interesting colour combination and its fantastic fit. I would like to point out that I found it really comfortable for days out doing active sports; I wore the top with a tennis skirt to play tennis in the sun, and I played volley ball in the sand, yeah! –  so I would also recommend this brand for persons like myself who enjoy outdoor sports which require a bra with good support and pants that don’t fall apart when you are exercising or jumping around (as that can be quite embarassing!).






Featured sunglasses: New Michael Kors aviators from Vision Optician outlets, Malta

This surf was a momentous occasion. It was my first time in the water and my first attempt at this. After a few exercises on land with other cute kids from the Netherlands we started out by practising exercises on land. How to use the board, what movements to do with the arms and the legs and some other very useful pointers.

I was so scared of making a complete fool of myself! I watched the instructor and copied everything he did. Then we set out slowly into the water wearing surf suits. I watched the waves working as he said and paddled out. It was quite an experience!  The first 5 times or so I kept slipping off the very second I tried to catch a wave, I kept missing it. Salty water was my drink for that hour as I kept taking some unwanted gulps as I fell straight in head first. Hmm This was not something I expected  but I kept trying to do as I was instructed. When I did catch that wave, oh my I felt so happy like when I learnt how to drive a bicycle and swim on my own for the first time. I can see this being something I will do again every so often and these guys make it such fun. It’s worth booking just to be with them and feel cool! Haha So I booked another lesson for the following week!


Hair went up with my invisibobble hair ties





Lesson Learned: Always watch a spot before you paddle out.

How does the wave break, are there any danger spots, how are people getting in and out, what’s the tide doing? Wait to see at least a couple of sets before you get going.


Thanks Fred, Jose, Marcel, Paolo, Jessie – you guys are the best and I love you for letting me take pics at your school! Very friendly, family feeling, accommodating and you all go out of your way to make sure everyone  enjoys their surf experience and get the most out of it! Thank you for your patience!


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Vans Surf School 38660 Playa de las Américas, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
Phone: +34 658 32 96 65

I was wearing:

Bikini: Isle & Aqua @ Chante Boutique
Eyewear: Michael Kors @ Vision Opticians
Hair Ties: Invisibobble Hair Ties @Cortex Ltd
Venue: Vans Off The Wall, Las Americas, Tenerife

Photography: Mark Thornton Photography


Other Travel Tips from my experience; When Best to Visit Tenerife

High Season (Dec–Apr & Jul–Aug)

 Coincides with Christmas, carnival season and Easter
 Accommodation prices are highest in January and February
 Mid-summer is holiday time on the Spanish mainland, so expect more tourists
 July and August are the hottest months of the year, but temperatures rarely hit higher than 38°C
 Rain is possible from January to March, especially in the mountains
Shoulder Season (May–Jun & Sep–Nov)

 Temperatures average around 28°C, nights are cooler
 Fewer tourists visit in the autumn overall
 Higher altitudes, particularly in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, can be far cooler with some fog




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