Dotted Dress in the Canary Islands

Hello dear friends and followers. I send you much love and warm greetings from Tenerife in the Canary Islands, our home for another week. This is our sixth visit to this exotic island and we can say that it has almost become like a second home. We are familiar with a lot of people here who recognise us from one visit to another and since we are quite persons of habit, as in we have our favourite routines even on holiday, we tend to revisit our favourite cafes and restaurants and have a little chat with the restaurant owner or persons working there. Luna is so happy to be here and I can feel that she feels she is on vacation. She is chatting so much more, playing hide and seek with us everyday and I just have this warm feeling in my heart to be here with my family and just enjoying these beautiful moments.

This dotted print dress is stunning.  Be it for a late summer wedding or simply an occasion to stand out from the crowd, no matter where to, you wear this gown, styled with stunning jewellery, will certainly light up the entire place. I fell in love with it this month when I saw it on Instagram on the Chante page, so I got one and took it with me on our recent summer family vacation to Tenerife in the Canary Islands – for a number of personal reasons actually. Can you guess what they are?




YB dress-6

Dress: Chante Boutique Jewellery: 202 Jewellery
Venue: Las Americas Tenerife

Let me tell you why this maxi dress from Chante Boutique in Malta was one that ticked many boxes.

1) For starters, these particular yellow and blue pantone colours are the Swedish flag colours and being married to a Swedish, I thought it a sweet token of respect to my man and his cute Swedish family who we were about to meet, to surprise them with it.

2) Canary Islands in Canary yellow. Hmm. I thought to myself this would be great tagline for one of my blogs! One of my absolute favourite colours, not this year only but every year is yellow as it exudes happiness, good energy and warmth. Both yellow and blue this year are huge colour trends for spring and summer 2017, appearing in everything from casuals to bikinis and evening dresses. To see one of Andras dresses in yellow click HERE

YB dress-7

YB dress-8

YB dress-12

3) This maxi convertible dress, a signature design by Andra at Chante Boutique (available in a variety of colours including plain colours), allows for a multitude of variations and gives you the opportunity to change the look at the top from one time to another.

4) The fabric is flowy as you can see so it allows you to enjoy your event or outing very comfortably. We shot this dress in Las Americas which is one of my favourite spots in Tenerife Sud and then I wore it a few days later to go out to dinner at an al fresco restaurant where we watched a flamenco show. I felt very at home in this dress with the dancers coming out in various dotted dresses so much so that I got up to dance too!

5) It photographs beautifully. I had this visual image in my mind of the dress against a backdrop of Spanish rocks and greenery, it would photography nicely and I was right. Worn on a tanned skin, with either hair pulled up or down, it would look beautiful.

YB dress-3

YB dress-9

YB dress-2

Enjoy these lovely pictures and Instagram video shot by Mark Thornton, one of my photographer friends in Tenerife, in the hope that I have inspired some of you to experiment too with some colours and patterns this season. There are some beautiful prints out there to explore – dotted, floral, bohemian, striped and the list goes on. Just have fun with fashion like I do and when in doubt just ask a friend or a fashion stylist for their opinion.

YB dress-4

YB dress-10

YB dress-13

Love and light to all xxx


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Was wearing:

Dress: Chante Boutique
Jewellery: Earrings and Ring @ 202 Jewellery
Shoes: Primadonna Collection


YB dress-11

YB dress BW-12

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