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Hi ladies and gentlemen. Hope you are feeling good and positive. Something to share with you today. Simply Zen is a new range of essential approach to treating hair and scalp I was introduced to at a hair seminar held about 2 months ago at the Radisson Blu in St Julians organised by Cortex Ltd.

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I personally wash my hair or have my hair done at the hair salons about 3 times each week, and I colour it once a month, so it is really important that any products I use daily are of good quality. I don’t mind paying a little extra but giving my hair something better.

In summer, I tend to suffer from dry hair due to loads of numerous blow dries, up styles and hair colour treatments – a kind of build up from previous months plus a lot of exposure to more sun and beach time! So, I got all excited to try and test some of these Simply Zen products to see how they all work and feel. The ones I have tried and tested, (the ones pictured in my photos) really feel special and apart from smelling gorgeous, I felt that their quality is superior to some other more commercial shampoos around.

• Restructure In Shampoo
• Restructure In Sublime Oil
• Detoxifying Shampoo
• Detoxifying Leave In Treatment
• Restructure In Intensive Treatment

I have been using these different products on different days alternating the shampoos and treatments and using the oil as the finishing product and I really like the effect it has had on my hair and scalp too. Try them out too and see if you like them too!

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Simply Zen is a very professional treatment and wellness line. Designed with a series of natural ingredients and the latest technological elements they are aimed to improve specific problem areas such as dry and sensitive scalps, thinning hair, hair loss, oily hair.

We all encounter some problems at some point so makes sense to try out professional hair products when we need them to treat something specific.


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