Action-packed week and beach weekend

Last week was quite hectic– it involved a diverse assortment including dance performances in the theatre, rehearsals, work days, lunch dates, pool parties and some relaxing family time on Sunday! Phew! So, yes, I will be sharing some information and lots of lovely beach and outfit pics in upcoming blog posts this week, here and on all my other social media platforms – all this before we pack again to one of our favourite family vacation destinations!




Swimwear: Piccinino Lingerie
Jewellery: Virag Design
Photography: Carlo Jourdan

Last week if you remember, I wrote a Blog about the AFTER HOUR Event currently running at Hilton Malta with the green bikini and dress. Well, I can easily get hooked on something like this so I went once more to enjoy one more after hour session including a beer this time. Summer is really here. Can you feel it? The air-conditioning in my car can barely cope with the intense heat sometimes and on the motorcycle well, it’s pretty hot when idling! But I am nevertheless an avid summer loving person so I am not complaining in the least! 😉

This Beach Look

OK, So I fell in love with this white throwover at Piccinino this month together with this blue costume with the netting on the front. This kind of look is ideal for an afternoon dip followed by a catch up drink at the bar. You can swap the heels for flats if you prefer, but I feel that heels flatter my not so long legs a bit better than flats.

I accessorised the lace throwover dress with this pretty statement necklace and earrings from Virag Designs, a brand I recently discovered. They are unique pieces made by a Swedish designer Virag Andersson who is currently residing in Malta. I met the charismatic designer during a fashion event and I did like her interesting vibrant pieces. I think they are so pretty and they give that holiday vibe to any outfit. She follows my blog and she was kind enough to give me a couple of items to enjoy this season. Thank you Virag! Have a look at her website!

For shoes, I wore my new yellow shoes from Desiree Fashion Design and finished off the outfit with my staple wardrobe pieces, my MiuMiu shades and River Island bag (the latter has come in super handy already, being white and large in size). I think I wore about 4 times this week, I love it so much. I have so much more to tell you so please tune in to check what I have in store for you ladies and gents including a new Giveaway!









Wish you a great week filled of positive energy and happy vibes! Lots coming your on my blog, on Facebook where I will soon reach 14,000 likes and also Instagram where I share different content and images daily!


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Was wearing:

Blue costume: Piccinino Lingerie
White throwover dress: Piccinino Lingerie
Bag: River Island
Shoes: Desiree Fashion Design
Earrings & Necklace: Virag Designs
Nails: Niumee Malta
Venue: Merkanti Beach Hilton
Photography by Carlo Jourdan





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