Office wear when I ride the motorbike

I’ve got a traveller’s soul when it comes to places to work. I was not keen on renting an office when I started my marketing business 4 years ago and gave birth to baby Luna almost three years ago. After spending most of my life working for large companies in fixed offices, I thought of not following that path when I have my own profession.




I love working from different places, and at the clients’ offices when I’m not shooting or filming for #MaltaTV or doing my blogger’s duties. It gives me a huge sense of freedom and I feel that my creativity flows better this way. I was never one who liked to sit at a desk for more than 3 hours at a stretch anyway! When I have business meetings, I will have them in hotels or cafes and organise outdoor brainstorming sessions with the teams I work with on various projects. You should try organising more outdoor meetings too if you don’t already. It is much more fun for all involved and it is a long-term team building activity.

What do I wear to work every day?

I love to wear stylish and comfortable looks and will adapt each day depending what’s on the agenda and who I’m meeting. In Malta’s summer, with the heat and intense traffic, it being the peak holiday season, I do tend to use my motorcycle a lot (when I don’t need to carry large things or transport my daughter!) So if you see a little woman zooming carefully on a bike wearing a black and white MOMO helmet, well it’s me!

So, on an average work day, when I have to sit down and write content or meet with clients for meetings, this is what I would wear, a comfortable kind of fit but still smart enough for meetings. Flat shoes, a light shirt and trousers. When it’s a Friday afternoon, and I have that “weekend-feeling” I will wear one of my hundred pairs of denim shorts and a cool Tshirt and a pair of lace up shoes or wedges. Fridays are my favourite days and they are usually dress down Fridays all year round.









Get The Look

You will notice in this look, I am wearing a silky top and checked trousers from the new collection at Cortefiel, a Michael Kors bag and my new pair of Skechers. As you can see Im wearing my new sighted Dolce e Gabbana reading glasses, which I’m starting to get used to and love.

I enjoyed writing this piece last night after a long day out and about at different venues in Malta. Stay tuned for some interesting updates from me from this week and the super hectic weekend coming up here, on Facebook and Instagram!! Never a dull moment with me ha!


Was wearing:

Top: Cortefiel Malta
Trousers: Cortefiel Malta
Eyewear: Dolce e Gabbana @ Vision Opticians
Shoes: Skechers @ Bay Street
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Photos: Carlo Jourdan







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