Think Big or Small?

On a recent trip to Trapani with 3 other lovely ladies, we made it a point to visit the temples of Segesta, which inspired me to write this piece, one entirely up for discussion and varied opinions. We have all heard the expressions Thing Big, Go Large, Bigger is Better. In your daily lives are you ones who think on a big scale or are you happy with just living below your means to keep relaxed and to get you through each month, nestled safely in your comfort zone?



1. Thinking Big = Enthusiasm

The way I see it and this is my personal opinion, thinking big stirs your passion and enthusiasm. How do I feel when I set a big goal? I feel excited and motivated. Am I on track or am I a little cuckoo in the head? A big goal is meant to fire up your enthusiasm regardless of how challenging it is.



2. Belief = Everything

There is nothing supernatural about the power of belief, but we must draw the distinction between merely wishing and actually believing. Doubt attracts hundreds of reasons for not succeeding, whereas belief finds the means to get the job done. If you believe it, you are more likely to achieve it.


3. Thinking Big Improves the Quality of Our Setting

Aiming for higher standards does n’t mean always getting the most expensive ticket on a plane. It could mean getting your advice from successful people, and not giving the jealous ones the satisfaction of seeing you stumble. I find that spending time with those who think on a large scale are also generous in their friendship. After some time, you will notice that the levels of what you think possible will escalate. People make assessments of us whether we like it or not, but the value the world gives us matches the one we give ourselves.

4. Thinking Big Releases Your Creative Instinct

Thinking big is more likely to unleash your creative instinct and helps you uncover ideas that will help you achieve your goals be it at work or in your personal life. When people many years ago came up with ideas for creations like mobile phones and planes, their minds came up with the possibility of such idea becoming a reality and against all odds, they made these creations turn into reality. When you aim for a big goal, initially you will just think of the possibility. But as your mind begins to absorb the goal, you will begin to see the possibility of achieving it and your mind will come up with a lot of creative ideas that will help bring that goal to reality.


5. A Lifetime Purpose

Thinking big and setting big goals give you a purpose to live and die for. It gives you something worth pursuing. When the explorer Christopher Columbus set the goal to sail round the world despite the risk based on the hypothesis that the earth is flat; it became his life purpose. Every man has a purpose on earth; but you can only discover yours if you actually have some sort of plan and feel fulfilled. You could argue that raising a family is enough a purpose to live for some and I agree with you on that too. Being a parent in today’s hectic environment is a lot to handle so I admire all parents who find full purpose in being full-time parents. I would like to base this blog subject more on the aspect of achieving new goals and careers and dreams that some might think impossible.


About these temples in Segesta, Trapani

Segesta’s ancient Greek temple can make a legal claim to being the best preserved in the world, and its amphitheatre boasts a hilltop position on Mount Barbaro is second to none. The archeological site reflects the presence of several ancient civilisations, beginning with the elusive Elymians. While the magnificent Doric temple, though (strictly speaking) never completed – as the roof was never added and the pillars never fluted – is impressive, it is just the highlight of a large archaeological park.

Built before 430 BC, the Doric temple is the focal point of Segesta. The temple is just over sixty meters long and twenty-six meters wide, built upon four steps, with a total of thirty-six Doric columns. There are fourteen columns on each side of the building and six columns across the front and back. At a diameter of around sixty-two meters, the amphitheatre is not very large but still impressive. It offers a high vantage point from which to view the surrounding valleys.





There are a number of theories to the temple’s construction. One of them is that in 450 BC, Segesta’s rival, Selinunte, allied herself with Syracuse, one of the most powerful city-states of Magna Graecia. Segesta sought help outside Sicily, turning to Athens for help. To the Athenians, Segesta was only a distant city of little importance. Before they would consider an alliance with Segesta they sent a delegation of diplomatic messengers to investigate the city’s claims of wealth. In order to deceive the Athenians into thinking their city more prosperous than it actually was, the Segestans built the temple to impress their visitors. Once the envoys departed, convinced of Segesta’s wealth, the work on the Temple ceased. Yet its incompleteness cannot compromise its magnificence!

Useful Tips: At Segesta’s archaeological park, there’s a shuttle bus to take you from the parking area to the amphitheatre and urban excavations included in the 7 Euro ticket you pay to visit the sites.

To conclude: I choose to Thing Big and Aim High. Even if I perhaps don’t build full temples, and sometimes don’t reach the highest point, I love the challenge that the journey brings and the people I meet along the way.  I’d rather build an almost complete grandiose temple than a non-existent one! How do you feel about this subject? Constructive comments and discussions are totally welcome.

Love and empowerment to all!

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