Day 5 at #MFWA2017 – Suzana Peric, Nathan Micallef and Ritienne Zammit,

This was our last day of Fashion Shows and Presentations at Malta Fashion Week 2017 (sigh) but we are also very very excited about the Chamilia Awards Night which are being held tonight Saturday 27th May at the majestic Fort St Elmo in Valletta. It has been such fun to be a part of this Media Team this year. We all got on really well and the organisation was excellent. I am very grateful for everything.

We are very fortunate to have this significant event happening annually in Malta. I would like today to take the opportunity to extend my wishes to all the Nominees of the Chamilia Fashion Awards including my fellow bloggers Dorianne Mamo and Jade Zammit Stevens. We are all winners already for having been nominated. Let’s enjoy our awards night and celebrations afterwards!


But before that here is my update about all the shows held last night! #MFWA2017

1. DANCING IN THE CLOUDS by Suzana Peric

Lead Makeup artist: Natasha Polidano
Assisted by: Martina Bezzina, Kelly Cassar Torreggiani, Tiziana Ronayne, Daniela Zammit, Claire Vassallo, Chris Galea, Dominic Bartolo, Laricia Sammut.
Photos: Steven Muliett

The first show tonight was by Suzana Peric. In Serbia and Montenegro, Suzana Peric has been involved in fashion since 1999 when her first collection was quite noticed in 9th Belgrade Fashion Week. Since then she has incessantly been presenting her beautiful collections in Fashion Week or exhibitions as well as her own fashion shows. Her work and fashion shows draw great media attention and positive reviews.

I would describe her style as romantic. We saw a lovely range of dresses with frills and patterns. Lots of frills and flower patchwork designs, makes her style particularly unique. I love this style especially on days when I go out with my daughter or as a family, I enjoy to wear this type of soft look. Suzanna skillfully blended the bright reds and subdued pinks alongside basic white and black pieces.

The hair of the models was pulled back in a neat ponytail and the make up by Natasha Polidano and her team of assistants was beautiful with hues of soft pink and orange and highlighted cheeks. Well done to all! Very pretty collection.

suzana peric 1

suzana peric 2

suzana peric 3

suzana peric 4

suzana peric 5

suzana peric 6

2. REALLY NOT REAL by Nathan Micallef

Lead Makeup artist: Jennifer Dimech
Assisted by: Ritienne Zammit,
Lead Hairstylist: Dominic Bartolo
Assisted by: Claire Vassallo, Chris Galea
Photos: Steven Muliett

Nathan Micallef is a Maltese designer who is slowly making his own mark in the industry. Last year I had thoroughly enjoyed his debut show with those grey and pink numbers and cute fluffy jackets. He was a firm favourite and won the Best New Designer Award. So I was quite curious to see what he would come up with in his own show. Would he deliver?

Well. Indeed he did! Tonight, in an interactive presentation the designer’s wish was for us to question normality and by pushing new boundaries using silhouettes and textures, by the creation of new shapes and forms to entice our interest. Very well choreographed presentation with female models walking out close to the audience and almost interacting with them. I spotted quite a few quirky pieces that I would wear. For women who are not frightened to be different in their abnormality. Real or unreal colour palettes were whites, pale silver and a few colour pops of blue and purple. Make up and hair was very interesting and well presented. I really enjoyed the show. Thank you so much!

nathan micallef 1

nathan micallef 2

nathan micallef 3

nathan micallef 4

nathan micallef 5

3. I LOVE VALLETTA by Ritienne Zammit

Lead Makeup artist: Elaine Galea
Assisted by: Alexia Kind, Rodianne Caruana, Christelle Lays, Leonie Buhagiar, Rebecca Busuttil, Francesca Busuttil, Caroline Attard, Aloisia Cutajar, Martina Bugeja, Henry Galea, Chris Galea, Claire Vassallo, Chris Galea, Dominic Bartolo, Matthew Galea, Lindsey Galea, Nicole Gatt, Marie Zouzoulas.
Photos: Justin Ciappara

Ritienne Zammit a Maltese fashion designer is not one to conform to trends. On the contrary, she loves to come up with designs that are completely her own. Using printed fabrics with themed aspects of Maltese architecture, touches of Maltese lace and some glamorous sparkly pieces we witnessed an intriguing collection inspired by Valletta, Malta’s Capital City.

Ritienne’s collection tonight unfolded layers of Valletta’s history opening our eyes to the mysteries that are hidden behind its magnificent walls. We saw several outfits for both men and women ranging from short dresses, to long dresses, trousers, tops, some t shirts and for men some unique designs for the man who is excited to stand out from the crowd. I felt that in this collection, compared to last year’s one Ritienne, has broadened her audience to not just the casual or retro dresser but for women who enjoy some sparkle too. I saw a few cocktail type dresses that were a new style to what we usually are used to from Ritienne and I personally liked them very much.

Well done Ritienne! Look forward to sporting one of your pieces sometime soon!

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Ritienne Zammit - JCiappara Photography

Live video from Malta Fashion Awards Facebook Page

Hope you enjoyed following all my blog, Facebook and Instagram posts this week and wish us all luck for the Awards tonight!!!!


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I was wearing

Dress: Plein Sud @Luxury Outlet
Jewellery: Christina @202 Jewellery
Shoes & Purse: River Island
Make Up: Jilienne Ciantar
Hair: Mixa’s Salon
Photography: Justin Ciappara Photography

For the Full Blog Post about My outfit of the night please click on the link below!


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