Day 4 of #MFWA2017 – Eymeric Francois, Gagliardi and Ef+facto

Hi everyone! After all the exciting shows and presentations on Day 3, the fourth day brings with it some international flavour by Gagliardi, Eymeric Francois and Ef+facto. If you are following my journey this week at the Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week and Awards here on my blog and via my Instagram Story videos and pics @graziellecamilleri , you will notice that I’m covering all the fashion shows every day with content that stays on for 24 hours only, so have a quick peep and keep following after that. Trust me, never a dull moment with Grazielle!

I was all excited to see what this evening would bring and I set out in my colourful Versace Jeans dress from Rebelli and matching Chamilia Jewellery from 202 Jewellery and was good to go! Today was also my turn to cover What Goes on Backstage so yeah check that blog out too today!

Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards 2017

Photo: Carlo Jourdan


Lead makeup artist: Krista Paris
Assisted by Rodianne Caruana, Henry Galea
Lead hairstylist: Francesco Varamo
Assisted by: Claire Vassallo, Michela Vassallo
Photos: Justin Ciappara

As the summer season approaches, life takes on a fresh appearance – one of lightness, not only for the ladies but also for the gentlemen. This vigorous collection titled SAFARI was inspired by Kenya in the 1950s – an era renowned for its ageless charm and unapologetic power. A safari which is the Swahili word for journey was one of the most in-demand activities of the day, an expedition that combined energetic countryside walks, large game hunting, lazy siestas, formal dinners and long evenings of merriment enjoyed over drinks and tobacco. It is this joie-de-vivre and powerful privilege that sets the tone for the Gagliardi gentleman’s elegant summer wardrobe.

Satisfying and inviting, the collection embodies vigour and strength. The highest-end Italian fabrics compose Gagliardi’s City Product categories of suits and shirts in mesmerising fabrics. The colour palette is pretty appealing – Royal Blues, Light Greys, Navy and Rich Browns.

In hues of Navy, Light Stone and Taupe, as well as seasonal raspberry, tangerine, caramel and royal blue, the collection presents perfectly-cut jackets, trousers, shorts and waistcoats that play on the classic men’s tailoring heritage of stripes, checks and weave structures. The distinctions of safari-style shine through too, with giraffes and acacia trees gracing the print detail of Gagliardi’s seasonal jackets, and African-inspired art, fabrics and poetry used in shirts, swim shorts, ties and bow ties.

Together, these elements form the combination of the Gagliardi Spring/Summer 2017 collection – a tribute to a golden era and the opportunity to embrace shameless chivalrous sensibility. From 1950s colonial class to the embodiment of 2017 strength, the Gagliardi gentleman is timeless, serene and always looking perfect head to toe.

The styling was simply exceptional. As always Gagliardi does not disappoint and you just want to send your husband shopping to see him in these alluring styles made my gentlemen for gentlemen.

Well done to all the organising team and for the very handsome models who looked so classy in each of their looks. Thank you!

gagliardi 1

gagliardi 2

gagliardi 3

gagliardi 4

gagliardi 5

gagliardi 6


Lead makeup artist: Rachelle Gillford
Assisted by: Caroline Attard, Lindsey Bonnici, Miriam Pace, Jeanette Cardona, Jade Galea Pace, Cristina Moncholi
Lead Hairstylist: Maria Bonavia
Assisted by: Flavia Attard, Mate Irsik

The second show was by the Italian brand ef+facto designed by Lorena Meyer and presented the first of two collections titled Food & Flowers for Spring/Summer 2017.

The ladies had their hair styled with soft curls and pulled up at the sides. Make up was very pretty and soft with peach and orange hues inspired by the Mediterranean, highlighted cheeks – all very dainty and sophisticated. The clothing line has a fresh and vibrant feel to it for a glamorous woman who loves a sophisticated outfit every day of the week. It is unique in that is environmentally friendly and made with organic materials. The colour tones ranged from mustard to orange to blue with some very colourful patterns on silky fabric. Palazzo pants, blouses, mini dresses, maxi dresses, classic and contemporary in style, which reminded me of Italian holidays. Well done! Enjoyed this fashion show. Here are some of my favourite pieces.




Live Link from the Malta Fashion Week Facebook Page


Lead Makeup artist: Chris Attard
Assisted by: Rodianne Caruana, Marilyn Caruana, Petra Abdilla, Christelle Leys, Mariel Galea Vella
Hairstyling: Prive Hairdressing
Photos: Bermard Polidano

Eymeric François a Haute Couture designer simply loves women, and certainly knows how to heighten their best assets, making them look seductive and powerful with his designs. A language often obsessive, in which he strives to divert the most unexpected raw materials for creations often spectacular in their combination. Poison is something strong and dangerous. These pieces will only kill you with desireability. No half measure in the silhouette Eymeric François, but a decidedly determined, audacious, never outrageous. Lots of silky materials, leather, corsets and clever layering which create his signature sexy shapes on every woman that struts the runway wearing his works.

His new collection, all black and red in colour, as all his previous collections, transport you to a world of seduction, confidence and control. Each silhouette assembled is a work of art, where each movement will be elegant, clean sometimes punctuated with something out of the ordinary to enhance the rhythm of his parade. It is most of often that I found myself holding my breath. So many stunning pieces in front of the immense passion of the one who does not cease to redraw silhouettes since childhood, and the accuracy of the trait finally obtained. I could not help myself looking at the beautiful models, strutting up and down the runway twice. Their hair was styled loose with a soft bounce and the makeup which I got to see BACKSTAGE DURING THE PREPARATION was dark on the eyes with a black winged liner and red lipstick. Love his expertise at combining different textures strategically. This is the second fashion show I’ ve seen by Eymeric Francois and it is so inspiring every time. I love his unique style and I enjoyed this fashion show immensely. Thank You.

eymeric 1

eymeric 2

eymeric 3

eymeric 4 - Copy

eymeric 5

This was Day no 4 of Malta’s prestigious fashion week. 2 more days to enjoy with my fellow bloggers and other people who love fashion.

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For my outfit post of the day and what I learnt backstage CLICK on the link below

Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards 2017

Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards 2017

Photos by Carlo Jourdan

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