Backstage Beauty at Malta Fashion Week 2017

As one can imagine, the scene backstage at a major fashion show is exceptionally fast paced, with a huge number of people working to complete varied tasks all within a short span of time. If you have ever wondered how much effort is involved behind the scenes to create a flawless catwalk, well, the answer is – a lot! This show was no different from what I had imagined, and the controlled chaos backstage was a sight to see. I was honoured to be given a BACKSTAGE pass to be able to experience what goes on before we see the models on the runway. #MFWA2017

Wearing my new bright and colourful Versace Jeans dress from Rebelliand armed with matching Chamilia Jewellery from 202 Jewellery, I was so excited to see what Day 4 would bring!

Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards 2017



MAKE UP TIME with Eva Garden

Among the talented individuals putting in tons of work backstage was Chris Attard the lead makeup artist for the show POISON by Eymeric Francois. Together with the Eva Garden team, Chris was creating a makeup look designed by Eymeric, a mysterious look to complement the POISON Collection including a bright red lip and a winged liner as seen in this picture. He was also co-ordinating with the team to create the same look on all the models.

I then spoke very briefly to Krista Paris who was the lead makeup artist for the Gagliardi show. It is necessary for men to have some very basic makeup for best photography purposes. In case of this show being a summer collection, the gentlemen need to look like they live the dolce vita and enjoy a lot of sunshine. Using Eva Garden, the main makeup sponsor of Malta Fashion Week 2017, Krista and her assisting team did a great job and you will see in my blog about DAY 4 at Malta Fashion Week 2017 – the results were fantastic.

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography -

Chris Attard – Lead Make Up artist for Eymeric Francois Show

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

HAIR TIME with Tresemme

I had a quick word with Rachelle Gilford the lead stylist of the ef+facto fashion show. She showed me what the brief was i.e the hair was to be styled with very soft curls and pulled up from the sides. They had over 12 models to prepare in just under 3 hours so they work very efficiently as a team to ensure the time frames and quality checks are met.

Then I also interviewed the main hair stylist for the Gagliardi fashion show – Francesco Varamo. While I was speaking to him he was blowdrying a model’s hair and styling it with a parting to the side to create a sleek look. Unlike fashion shows with female models, the styling for the gentlemen is unique for each one, depending on hair length, textures and cut. - -

Hair Stylist Flavia Attard behind the scenes

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

Lead Hairstylist for Gagliardi Show – Francesco Varamo - -

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

Model Management

Another thing I would like to mention is that apart from hair and makeup there are teams to assist with the clothing co-ordination and choreography, model management teams who have been doing this for years. A shout out here goes to Marisa Grima of Supernova Model Management who sources models and co-ordinates the line up of models for the designers or fashion brands to turn a vision into reality on the catwalk and also Carina Camilleri of Models M. These ladies are working as a team on various runway shows this year and that is also great to see.

MFWA 2017 - Backstage - JCiappara Photography

Stylists working together to create the styles for the ef+facto hair show with lead hair stylist Maria Bonavia

What I love about BACKSTAGE is the Teamwork and there was a very good atmosphere here today. Next time I would like to also cover the changing rooms especially for Gagliardo. What do you say ladies? Should I get a pass for that next year?

Hope you enjoyed this BACKSTAGE SPECIAL and I will update you again tomorrow about the shows on Day 5!

Love and light to all


Was wearing:

Dress: Versace Jeans @ Rebelli
Jewellery: Chamilia @ 202 Jewellery
Purse: Chiara P from PORTO
Makeup: Natasha Polidano
Hair: Mixa’s Salon
Photos backstage: Justin Ciappara
Photos outdoors: Carlo Jourdan



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