Day 2 at #MFWA2017 – Vanity Rebels, Boho Vibes and Modern Goddesses

On day 2 , I was particularly looking forward to attend another number of fashion shows at the Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week 2017 . All shows lined up for us were completely different in theme and design to eachother so it made it all the more exhilarating for all fashion lovers who attended at Fort St Elmo. To be honest, I was very into attending the fashion show by Parascandalo, a first for me, so for this reason, to show my support and enthusiasm, I thought I’d go for a really bold outfit today, just for the fun of fashion and having a good time. Last year I had fallen ill on the day of his runway show and I had missed it but this year I ‘m all good to rock and roll. So I got prepped up for some more fashion fun and free-flowing creativity vibes!

1. THE GODS by Herminas Reea

Lead makeup artist: Krista Zammit Marmara
Assisted by: Richline Testa, Moises Urenas, Henry Galea, Moni Torok, Christabelle Lays
Lead Hairstylist: Mate Irsik
Assisted by: Katia Stier, Adrian Attard
Photos: Steven Muliett

The evening started off with a collection named “The Gods” by the fashion brand Herminas Reea. It is inspired by the contemporary woman who believes in the beauty and the power of a goddess.

The young designer Adreea has prepared many gorgeous dresses that exude class, elegance and finesse. Some transparencies, corsets in pale golds, pinks and black. Oh my goodness, one more beautiful than the other. She has a clear vision of Haute Couture dresses, with a focus on handmade clothes and accessories, lace embellisments, veils to accentuate a woman’s mystery and innocence. All dresses are designed and handcrafted using the finest fabrics and imported laces. These pieces were worn by very slim models and they looked totally stunning! Thank for this great show tonight! Here are some photos for you!

Herminas Reea 1

Herminas Reea 2

Herminas Reea 3

Herminas Reea 4

Herminas Reea 5


Photos: Luke Testaferrata

A pleasantly elegant style of jewellery with a contemporary feel. Chris Castillo a young talented Maltese designer has an already pretty impressive portfolio of designs in terms of quality and uniqueness. At the exhibition at Malta Fashion Week 2017, presented with careful attention to detail with black and white photography and branding in a room with perfect lighting to make those pieces sparkle, I thoroughly enjoyed appreciating the work of art and the concept behind this collection. I even got a little tour by Chris Castillo himself.

Every piece is unique. I sense in his work a close connection to his love for architecture and 3D combined so his stylish, good looking designs reflect this. There is a lot of emphasis in the display of His Holy Collection to his origins, religion, culture and heritage. Every piece expresses the richness of our island with a particular emphasis on the details, colours and smooth finishings of local architectural features such as the Mosta Dome which make his work amazing and one of a kind.

What I do like very much about Chris Castillo’s jewellery is that he amalgamates linear and curved movement, evolving the shape of a piece viewed from different angles. These pieces are for the contemporary man or woman who is excited to wear jewellery that stands out in boldness and elegance. My favourites are the newest collection. Super. Thumbs up Chris. Very well done!

Castillo 1

Castillo 2

Castillo 3

Castillo 4


Lead makeup artist: Gia Marie Waits
Assisted by: John Azzopardi, Maia Bonello, Marie Claire Portelli, Aloisia Cutajar, Yanika Tatjana Bonello, Laura Gauci, Kevin Canter, Christelle Lays, CRISTINA MONCHOLI
Lead hair stylist: Lee Grixti
Assisted by Katia Stier, Oriana Micallef, Sarah Azzopardi
Photos: JCiappara Photography

Next up was the moment I was eagerly waiting for! Known for his outrageous street-style inspired collections with cool and cutting edge aesthetic, and for his use of mixing fabrics and textures to create dramatic effects, I was seriously palpitating with excitement out of curiousity of what was to come! Seated alongside other top designers in Malta Charles and Ron who were here to support local talents at the Malta Fashion Week, the place was just buzzing and the show had not yet begun! I remember seeing last year some T Shirts of his with phrases such as “Faqa Oht” and I remember thinking to myself “this guy really embraces his Maltese roots”. Apparently his Parascandalo brand now produces everything from ready-to-wear one-off pieces to statement chokers.

Parascandalo 1

Parascandalo 2

So, VANITY REBELS. What was it about? Inspired by the vanity of today’s men and women it is an assortment of patterns and textures and delicate fabrics to create a once again unique line that is very easy to wear by the lovers of this casual style. Womenswear and Menswear an exciting affair of fun and playfulness on the catwalk with models who really suited this style, strutting their stuff and enjoying the clothes. Hair and make up was super cool too. We saw some interesting upstyles and colourful makeup to complement the theme focused around Vanity.

Of course there was a staple t-shirt introduced and with graphics we witnessed maltese phrases to be the highlight of the night and the talk of the town. The t-shirts were partnered with some interesting de-constrictive denim trousers and jackets, comfy sweat pants and one-off very cool patchwork pieces kept together by dark pink ribbons.

In contrast to last year’s black and white colour palette, this year we saw so much colour as if to rebel once again and say I’m different and I want to celebrate being what I am and who I am.

This fashion show was such fun! Thanks for the show!

Parascandalo 3

Parascandalo 4

Parascandalo 5

Parascandalo 6

4. BOHO GODDESS by Maria Cutajar

Lead Makeup artist: Mateja Camilleri
Assisted by Nicole, Tiziano Ronayne, Erika Fenech, Danika Aquilina
Lead Hairstylist: Adrian Attard
Assisted by Oriana Micallef, Mate Irsik, Katleen Scerri, Lee Grixti
Photos: Luke Testaferrata 

I remember Maria Cutajar’s collection last year in the new designer’s fashion show and I do recall how clever she was with her sewing and texture overlays so I was not surprised that she now has a collection to release and I was so curious to see what it was all about this year.

A collection inspired by the bohemian lifestyle, socially unconventional persons, especially ones involved in the arts. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits.

We saw a myriad of beautiful designs, very well styled with colourful fabrics accessorised with pretty adorned clutch bags and soft sparkly ruck sacks. We saw a well-constructed collection of various styles including bell trousers, skirts, crop tops in warm colours that remind me of spring and warm summer nights. Hues of orange, rich pink, mauve pale gold and also some warm browns. May I add that you can tell that this designer has a firm knowledge of sowing and using various textures without compromising quality of the finished product. I loved her work last year but this is definitely a thumbs up from me. I would totally wear a lot of the items I saw on the runway this evening. Very well done Maria!

Maria Cutajar 1

Maria Cutajar 2

Maria Cutajar 3

Maria Cutajar 4

Maria Cutajar 5

Next up, I’ll be sharing a photoshoot with this cool outfit I was wearing on Day 2! #MFWA2017

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Fashion Week here on and also on my Instagram and Facebook Page Blog By Grazielle.

Xxx Grazielle


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