Do you love scarves?

Hi All! Quick deliberation for you today. Are you intrigued by scarves? Do you wear them for style, comfort – or both?Always on the fashion accessories trend is the undeniable styling of the glorious scarf. Not only do scarves keep your outfit in check, but also make you feel comfortable and warm out when it’s cold or windy.





Scarves have always outplayed their role as the typical fashion accessory and have transcended to the position of essential items in every modern woman’s wardrobe collection. But what is Your relationship with scarves? I’m intrigued to know. Reason is I have just re-organised my scarves this weekend and made me realise how important they are to me.

However, listen to this….at least half of all the women I talk to are confused by scarves. I mean if we all wish we had French blood and could effortlessly toss on a scarf and feel chic, would be great but sometimes it takes more effort than it seems to carry off the scarf of the day. Are you this type of person? Who hassles every time you wear one?

How long should a scarf be in order to make it truly versatile?
• What is the best shape scarf to buy?
• How do you wear a scarf so you stay cool but still enjoy the benefit and beauty of the scarf?

All valid questions and are all personal to your body shape, style sense and objective. Whether you like big bold patterned scarves like this one I’m wearing or prefer something more demure. Whether you are looking to scarves to add personality, add a colour pop or to keep you warm, scarves can really be fun to work with as part of your outfit and your personal style so if you don’t have many scarves like me, go out and buy a pretty one and please share with me on my Facebook Page below my Facebook post today how you wear your scarf, will you?



Guaranteed Style Maker

In my personal opinion, adding a scarf to an outfit is a guaranteed style maker and rarely a breaker. Scarves take your style to a whole new level of cool and hip and on cold days, keep your chest warm and cosy. Simply looped around the neck like I’m wearing mine in this blog, or transformed in a neck tie or pretzel knot, scarves will remain one of the most favoured fashion accessories for women. The positives to scarves are two-fold with functionality taking precedence over fashion, not that it hinders style in any way. Loop a scarf over long sleeve blouse, a t shirt, sweater or pull over and you are set to change the look completely.

My Look

In these photos by Mark Thornton , I’m wearing a colourful Charles & Ron silk scarf (a gift from my husband this season) simply looped over a very simple little black dress which I bought while on holiday and I paired it with these Fersini sandals and these Versace sunnies from Vision Opticians. I really like the finished look.





So, tell me ladies and gents, how do you feel about scarves and how to you wear them?


Was wearing:

Scarf: Charles & Ron
Shoes: Fersini
Bag: Michael Kors @Rebelli
Eyewear: Versace @ Vision Opticians
Photography: Mark Thornton Photography, Tenerife




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