Cheers to A Beautiful Life

I would like to drop you all a few lines to say THANK YOU so much for all the lovely birthday messages sent on facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus and for all the phone calls too! So nice to hear your voices! I sincerely felt the love from so many friends, work colleagues and of course my close family who made little lovely gestures from as early as 6.30 am to make my day special. My husband and baby Luna woke me up with a surprise breakfast in bed.




I met with my parents for lunch, spent a day shopping with my daughter Luna, met a close friend for afternoon tea and relaxed in the evening by typing this blog and relishing a hot relaxing bath. I will be partying with friends tonight 8th April and tomorrow  the 9th, (since my birthday fell on Lady of Sorrows, a religious day in the Christian calendar, I felt I would rather postpone). Another excuse to dress up and meet up with beautiful people.

In reflection of a wonderful day and a very positive year I left behind, I would like to say how grateful I am for everything that has happened in my life. From the moment I was born, 42 years ago and was brought up by my beautiful mum Doris and my dad Tony, two people that despite their difficulties and differences still love eachother unconditionally and have taught me and my brothers what true love is. Their love is not based on wealth, status or personal gains. On the contrary, a relationship founded with strong roots. Thank you so much for all your love and guidance. I am here today, just the way I am because of you and because of all the experiences that I had through these years.

How do I see life?

I choose to see life in a positive way. A half full glass not half empty one. Despite all the horrible things that mankind does to destroy peace and serenity, and creates the most complicated things to discomfort our daily lives, I choose to see the beautiful in everything and look out for the wonderful ones that he creates and endorses. I choose to learn from everything especially in bad times and to listen to what our elders have to say because they are wise and they speak from the heart. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and wiser every time so although we are smashed to the ground sometimes, it is how we get out of these situations that counts. I choose to not be disheartened when people are greedy and purposely nasty and I prefer to focus on good news and positivity. That keeps me serene and allows me to shed good colours to others around me. Of course I have bad days but they pass and another good day arrives.

I say today on my Birthday thank you to all the people who have touched me in any way and you all know who you are _ Good and Bad. It’s OK. All is clear to me and I don’t bear grudges because life is too short. I have made mistakes too and I have learnt from them. I learn things every day just like a toddler learns things every day. At the end of the day, I believe we are here on the planet for a few reasons and one of them is to self-develop ourselves and serve a purpose so might as well do our best and in good faith and let the universe do it’s own thing.

Wish you all a wonderful day. I will raise a glass tonight at the dinner party and I will say Cheers to Life because Life is Beautiful when we choose to see it that way!








Was wearing:

Dress: London F Café
Shoes: Zara Tenerife
Bag: Aldo Malta
Make up: Natasha Polidano

All photography is by Bernard Polidano



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  1. Great blog. Have a great weekend of celebrations. I will raise a glass to you at my own celebrations for my 60th Birthday on Sunday. Have fun xx

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