I woke up like this!

I’m obviously joking. This moment in time was precisely 5 weeks ago during our vacation in Dubai in the suite at the Jumeirah Zabeel Sarey resort.


This captivating dress from London F Café is beautiful and unique. Long, mermaid style, with intricate lace and transparent tulle, as seen on celebrities on red carpets and appearances, it would be my pick for a special event, not one which would require too much walking in common areas, not a restaurant outing but a gala type of event or a black tie event for example. These gorgeous long earrings are from 202 Jewellery. Make up and hair by Jean Zammit – the makeup artist and all photos by the talented Mirjana Zigic Khairallah.

I didn’t leave the hotel room with this dress unfortunately because I simply didn’t have an appropriate occasion to wear it, but I thought once I brought it with me, I would show it to you as my choice for something a little more daring! This dress is designed for a woman who feels confident in her skin and who wants to make a statement.



This month in particular, I have had the immense pleasure to meet with a number of women and gentlemen too who follow my blog. They came up to me, introduced themselves and gave me their feedback about what they enjoy in my blog in terms of pictures and what they love to read. So nice of them! I learnt that most followers enjoy my varied styles and my travel stories and they also like the articles where I talk about life. It is true in this day and age that keeping appearances matter to many of us a lot more than we should but you should all feel confident to just be you, let yourselves go and have fun letting your hair down. In my blog, I allow my thoughts to run freely in the hope of helping some of you out there with something. Today I’m going to speak about Confidence since it is relative to daring outfits like this one.

What is confidence?

Confidence is a feeling and one thing we know about emotions is that we tend to fall back on the ones that are familiar. That is why when you’re in the middle of uncertainty in one area of your life, you may start to feel insecure about everything. It happens to ALL OF US including me yes. However keep in mind. Just like you can get used to feeling insecure, you can get used to feeling confident.

Confidence is also a reflection of how you see yourself. If you believe you are capable, you will feel confident. You probably don’t keep an accurate accounting of your skills and limitations. Instead, we base our beliefs on what we think we see in the mirror, or the stories we tell ourselves. Fortunately, that means you don’t have to drastically alter reality to boost your confidence! You just need to shift your perspective a little.


How on earth do you do that Grazielle? How can we gain confidence? In simple terms, here are a few ways that work for me and that you can try to work on your inner confidence.

1. Do things you know you are good at

Everyone is good at something. That’s where you naturally feel confident. So focus more on that to gain confidence in it and a lot can come out of it.

2. Practice.

Getting better at a skill is a great way to experience confidence. Remember how great it felt the first time you figured out how to create that makeup look or baked that carrot cake that you were not ashamed to share? That sense of accomplishment had nothing to do with being the best and everything to do with progress and improvement. The best way to improve is to practice.
Keep doing what scares you and you’ll get better at it. Trust me. I know what I’m saying!

3. Teach.

The great thing about teaching your skills is that it proves you know what you’re doing – or at least that you know a little more about what you’re doing than the person you’re teaching. Being able to teach is a reminder that you have skills and that makes you feel awesome. Share the love and it will love you right back.

4. Think about your purpose

What is your higher purpose in life? Why are you working at your current job? Why are you not happy sometimes or not feeling confident at your workplace? It’s easier to practice scary things when you know it’s for a good reason, like fulfilling your higher purpose, but knowing intellectually isn’t enough. You need constant reminders. Start your day by meditating on your purpose, your big reason for wanting to feel more confident in the first place. Think about what you want to accomplish and why you think it matters so much.



Confidence is about trust. The definition is to have “full trust”. If you don’t completely trust your abilities, trust your reason. Let that faith push you out the door, on the phone, or into the office of the person who can bring your vision to life.

Hope this helps you a little!




Dress: London F Café
Earrings: 202 Jewellery
Makeup: Jean Zammit, Dubai
Photographer: Mirjana Zigic Khairallah, Dubai
Venue: Jumeirah Zabeel Sarey resort, Dubai

Jumeirah Zabeel Sarey Hotel Room

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