La Prairie Extrait De Caviar Firming Complex – Review

A few months ago, I met a Swedish friend Anneli who swears by the effectiveness of La Prairie skincare products. She told me many times that since she started using them, she saw a drastic improvement to her skin complexion and introduced me to this range and to Hanna Parsonson at La Prairie Malta who offered me a few different samples. I fell in love with one of them and treated myself to this particular product – Extrait of Skin Caviar Firming Complex. It came highly recommended!

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This is a highly concentrated moisturiser which comes in a tall royal blue bottle with a pump for quick and easy applications. Enriched with caviar extract, its strengths are in restoring firmness, leaving skin feeling smooth, supple and protected. It helps support natural contours of our face, restoring harmony while profoundly improving the appearance of elasticity and tone.

The benefits of this product:

• It helps to increase skin’s firmness and elasticity
• It hydrates and refines skin’s texture
• It soothes, calms and provides anti-oxidant protection

To be honest, because I have such a fast-paced lifestyle, I am not one to do all the cleansing, toning and moisturising rituals every day but I do love a good scrub and an effective moisturiser so this one suited my lifestyle requirement to perfection. Every time I apply a few drops on my cleansed skin, I really feel the ingredients working on my skin almost instantly. My skin absorbs the product and is left radiant and instantly moisturised.


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After this, during the day, I apply my make up as normal. In the evenings I use it before going to sleep on scrubbed and clean skin. I have used this product for 2 months now and I do see some increased radiance and firming especially on days when I do not apply heavy makeup. Friends have commented that my skin looks like its glowing so I would like to give this La Prairie product its due credit. I do have other La Prairie samples that I have not tried yet. I will do that and let you know my thoughts. I just have them at home in a special box and like a treasure I am saving them for special weeks when I have special shoots or filming sessions and my skin will need a good treat!

Thumbs up from me! I do recommend it to ladies or gentlemen looking for a high quality product to help moisturise and improve the toning of the skin.


I would like to thank  Francesca @Gaia & Nina Blog  for helping me present this product in such an elegant and creative manner, with these flatlay creations and photographs. I was blown away when I saw them – simply gorgeous. La Prairie deserved a professional photoshoot too. It’s not always about me! Thank you also goes to La Prairie for the samples you have sent over to me these past few months. Much appreciated.



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  1. Ah, Grazielle, I am so happy this was a good introduction to you, and that I have been able to introduce LaPrairie’s wonderful products to more than 150 ladies to date! I am a convert (as you know) so I am super happy you feel the love and thankfulness from your skin, too! :-) Oh… and you look AMAZINGLY RADIANT!

    • Thank you Anneli for your kind comments. I do understand now having tried the products how effective they are. These products are of another level. Top notch luxury skincare for more mature skins that need a good constant boost and daily care. xxx

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